Sunday, October 21, 2012

Get off the Fucking Phone!!

I know we have all been there. Standing in line, with a garb of materials to buy when the woman or man in front of you decides it is the perfect time to get on the phone with either their girl fiend, bitch, relative or boyfriend to either fight, make plans or just shoot the shit. Whatever the reason, this renders their one arm and hand completely useless and thus, holds up the entire line.   I gotta say, this is one of THE most fucking annoying things I encounter more often than I would like.  Seriously, drop the call and pick it up after you pay! It's that simple? People are in such a "me, myself and I" world that they honestly don't care if the person behind them is on their lunch break, maybe taking a break from visiting a loved on in the hospital or whatever the reason!  It's just not fucking RIGHT to stand there, fiddle through your things, searching for your credit card when you should be OFF the PHONE and grabbing it to go. 

I can't tell you what goes through my mind when I am behind these people.  I think about what I am about to say, then stop myself from saying it because I look down and realize I have my name tag on. I so want to just smack them in the face and hit the phone to the ground and be like "lady, will you just shut the fuck up and pay for your stupid coffee!!?" 

Which brings me to...


When working with the public, you know you're going to encounter some very colorful people.  But I REFUSE to help ANYONE that is on a cellphone, sitting or standing waiting for service. I don't want to be the one to "interrupt" their conversation.  Then when I get asked why I took the customer that was AFTER that customer, I simply say "I did not want to interrupt the phone conversation they were having.  It seemed importent enough for them to have to keep it going while waiting".  And I am never told about it because you know what?  I am FUCKING RIGHT! 

I'm not going to cater to you because you render yourself handicapped for the time you are on the telephone. And frankly, I don't want to hear about your boyfriend/parents/girlfriend problems anyway.  So just hang up the phone and be done with it until you are finished with the business you came to do. Be it WAWA, Starbucks, making a deposit (lord knows I HATE being behind one of those people in line!) or whatever the fuck you've set out to do.  The phone can wait! I, on the other hand, have places to go, people to see and obligations to fulfill.  I'm not about to cut them close to being late because of your addiction to the Cellphone.  Radiate yourself when you get out to the car but spare us all behind you in line the time it takes for you to rummage through your huge mess of a bag when a second hand would come very much in handy.