Saturday, July 31, 2010

Get off your fat ass and sit down!

As said in a previous entry, I hate egos. I can't stand them. But when they tear into a friendship and you become so engrossed in yourself that you can't see past your own self, well then, I pitty you. This is the case of my said below friend, who has an ego about herself that could eclipse the moon. Since my last meeting with you, she has self destructed FOUR friendships, all because you can't disagree with her. As a friend, it makes you feel as if your opinion doesn't matter, that what she says is gold and right and you are a filthy little heathen for her to make up whatever she wants about you, whether it is relevant or not, just for the sake of making herself look and feel better.

Here is what happened. She's been on a crash course with three of four friends since last year. When she tried to take from them what wasn't her's and they called her on it, she lied, made up some stupid excuse and these people have been locked in a cyber-war of he/said she/said for months. Then she meets me. And because I am friends with the other people, she sat at my table for five hours one night and told me how terrible they were, what they had done to make her feel like she wasn't talented in her art and that they were egotistical and horrible people. I don't play that. I know people for what they show me they are, not what others tell me. So when I starting doing art with the "other guys" SHE gets jealous and pegs me for deletion. Total annihilation. But I just don't know it yet.

She's what we call a "passive aggressive" bitch. The one who talks all this shit on you but won't say it to your face because she's afraid of being "outted" for who and what she really is. This bitch then decides it is a good idea to start talking smack on my friends (who were her friends at one point) again on the overwhelmingly drama-filled Facebook. Ah facebook, oh how I loathe thee. Of course, she doesn't name names, but we all aren't fucking stupid! When you put a status update up, targeted for a specific person, you fucking well know that person is going to find out. It just happens that my life crossed with hers that day and because I was connected to the other three, I was then committed to her list of "crazy people" (this can be debated) and the bitch de-friends me (oh ouch, how hurt am I) and starts talking shit on me. She forgets, the stupid ass, to de-friend my husband, so he sees all this. Meanwhile, HER husband is unknowing of all the bull-shit his little immature, egotistical wife has created in her head and now in real life but he faces the consequences now. FOUR of his best friends delete him. They all tell him "we love you bud, but we can't stand you wife and her bull-shit".

So I guess in a way, this bitch has won. For now. But if her fat ass would go out, get a job, stop living off SSI (when I know she is more than capable of working; she owns her own fucking business! How can you collect SSI @ any age in your 20's when you're a business owner and the only worker in the company??) and stop thinking that the world revolves around her, she and her husband could live happily and he could keep his friend. He has already admitted to me he doesn't see his marriage lasting but he'll take it for as long as he can. It'll be dooms day soon enough for this bitch and her horde of bitches. Let her pretend all she wants to be someone she's not. When she is exposed, I hope to be a fly on the wall for that one.

PEACE Bitches!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

The No-Bitch Post

I litterally have NOTHING to BITCH about today. It was a fairly possitive weekend. I had a nice time with my family, no fighting involved as there usually is. The weather, though extreamly hot and uncomfortable, did not rain on my parade and new and exciting avenues are opening up for me. So this bitch is a happy bitch. There is such a thing!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Put yourself on a pedastool why don'tcha?

One thing I hate is when people have egos that aren't warrented. Yes, some work really hard to get where they're at and deserve a little petting every now and then, but those of you who have done nothing to perfect your trade yet pawn yourself off as a professional only stand to make yourself look more like an ass. Case in point; a friend of mine joined the world of Photography. There are a LOT of people who are photographers; from novice to world class Professionals. You don't get to that status in one night, but my simple friend here seems to think that just because she has a simi-expensive camera (not even) that she can point, shoot and develope fabulous pictures. Worst part is not just her pictures being crap, but her "friends" lie to her and tell her how wonderful and beautiful her pictures are. Now she has her own website, lies about websites contacting her to be featured for FREE (this does not happen, you have to PAY to be featured) and then puts up facebook status' attacking other Photographers who try to give her constructive critisism. Well, if you can't take the heat then get out of the shower because with the way things are looking for her, it's not going to go well. I will admit, she had talent. Just not where it needs to be. She needs to STOP promoting, demote herself (and her ego) and put her head in a book. READ. EDUCATE herself on the art of Photography. From what I understand, there is so much more to it than just taking the picture. It's composition. Lighting. Its knowing what makes a good picture good and what makes a picture GREAT.
As said before, her ego amazes me. I can't even stand to have conversations with her anymore as she tried to give ME hints on how to do MY job (which has NOTHING to do with her, she just is a big, fat know-it-all now). Do your friends a favor. Don't lie to them when they ask you for an opinion. You're not doing them any favors. You're actually doing them an injustice. Because now, this girl will never have a shot in the world of photography because she's already dug herself into the ground and no REAL BRIDE looking for a serious photographer would book her based on her portfolio alone.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stupid People Irritate Me

How many stupid people can I count today? One? Ten? Twenty? It just seems like we are birthing more and more idiots... or raising them. Either way, I have a lot less hope for our future in the stock being brought up by the Stupid parents and people I interact with daily. For instance: today, while driving home into my private community, I turned a corner and there, laying in the street were two teenagers. Yes, I understand teenagers don't know that they're NOT immortal. Yes I know teenagers tend to do stupid, moronic even verging on retarded things. But this? Seriously? What do you stand to gain from hanging out by sitting in the street? It was a boy, laid on his back with his head in his girlfriends lap, I suppose gazing at the clouds? Meanwhile, they're stupid asses are LAYING IN THE STREET, up against the curb, non-the-less, so it was hard to find them at first. I had to take a double take before realizing that yes, there were in fact, two people laying in the street. I stopped my car next to them before turning onto the street and yelled out my window "Are you ok?" The kids looked up at me like I was the dumb one asking this question and shot back a snotty "yeah". Then I got mad. I thought, Ok, I gave you the benefit that maybe something was seriously wrong. Maybe someone had hit him and you needed emergency assistance. Since this was not the case, I continued "Oh alright then, you really are just that stupid to be laying in the street. My bad" and I continued on my way. Stupid people, STOP BREEDING PLEASE. Stop putting kids like this as my sons future. Seriously. Just fucking stop it. I don't know if it is something in the water here in my small, little town, but it just seems like stupid people in drooves are out and all over here! And no, I'm not about to tell you where exactly it is that I live. In the case that you enter into my town, you'll know it by the amount of stupid people; unless of course, you have the very same problem too, then, of course, I'd be inclined to believe that there are more stupid towns than not. Sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder "is it me?". I mean, seriously, things can't always get on your nerves all the time because of stupid tarts but then, the more you look at the situation at hand, you think "you can't make this shit up!" and it is more eveident that the parties involved are guilty of just being stupid than thinking with any ounce of brain power. /sigh!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I hate the Supermarket

Have you ever felt like running over the people in the supermarket? More like, the old people who just think that, because they're old, they can run their carts into yours, yell at you when you're in line at the meat counter because they think they should go first even though your number is before theirs or worse is their parking lot driving.
Today, I braved the grocery store with my four year old. Usually, I go alone as I try to not involve him in this parade of stupid people showing up more and more in my town. But I had no choice, as it's the 4th of July Weekend and we needed BBQ stuff bad. I was completely surrounded by old people. Don't get me wrong, my father has entered the ranks of "old man" and able to order from the "senior" side of the menu's at local diners and restaurants, but it just seemed like I was a needle in a haystack today with my little guy. And this one woman was hellbent on getting to the front of the line, even if she showed up last. So it comes time for me to put my order in and this woman just jumps right on top of my son and starts spitting out what she wants. "excuse me" I say to her "but you just about knocked out my son to take my place in line". She looks me up and down like I'm some kind of thing she's never seen before and tells me "I'm in a hurry". Half the people back away at this point because you could see it in my face that #1: you pushed my son and #2 my eyes were on fire. I looked at her with such intensity that I don't even think my tone had to express just how angry she made me. "Isn't the whole DAMN WORLD" I said. "Evvvvvverybody's in a Fucking hurry" I put my face in her face and backed her away from the counter. "But in this world, people WAIT their turn like a good little peons. You don't touch my son. You don't touch ANYBODY's son. I am surprised with how old you are you don't have any manners or common sense. Your mother must be turning in her grave". At this point, the manager had to come out and actually asked the older woman to step aside and to leave the store so he could talk with her. Later, I learned that this hasn't been the first time she's pushed someone out of the way, the problem this time was that it was a child, MY child, and had she been younger, I would have whooped her ass. Lesson learned, even old people can be assholes.
But my tale of aggravation doesn't end there. As I am returning my cart to the caddy after putting my bags into my car and my son holding on to it's side, another old woman comes flying through the "no parking" stripes next to the caddy and almost slams into my cart and the side my son was on. I had him particularly on that side as it was on the side away from moving cars. Apparently not, as this woman thought the rules of the road did not apply to her. She hits to front end of my cart, which ends up denting her car (yeah, she was going THAT fast) and gets out of her car to yell at ME. "Watch where you are going" she yells! I'm stunned. I'm thinking "are you fucking kidding me? First the mean counter lady now you?" . Calmly I return my cart all the way, remove my cell phone from my pocket and dial 911. She's still yelling at me, asking for my insurance and telling me I will have to pay for the damages done to her car. This is laughable at this point; whoever heard of "shopping cart insurance"? "Who are you calling?" she's yelling at me as I return to my car, turn it on along with the AC and put my son into the car and sit in my drivers seat. Door open, she approaches me and keeps demanding for my insurance. As 911 takes my location and tells me an officer is on the way, I hang up and look over at her. The entire parking lot is staring at her, a younger man begins walking over to us. After taking a deep breath and telling my son "Mommy has to talk to the crazy lady, one second please honey" I gaze up at this delusional woman and calmly explain to her the heart of the situation, that she was behind the wheel of a moving vehicle and if anything is going to happen, she will walk away with a nice little "moving violation " if not "endangerment of a pedestrian" due to her illegal maneuvering of the parking lot. Still screaming at me that I am at fault, that I should watch where I am pushing my cart (where did she want me to push it, the roof?) the young man that had began walking over takes her arm. "Ma'am" he says "I saw everything. You hit this young lady and almost hurt her son. When the police come, I intend to give him exactly every harassing word you have said to this young lady and also your licence plate number, make and model of your car. In case you decide to leave, in such case this would become a 'hit and run' and thus, a felony". As the police arrive, they're almost giddy at what they hear this woman saying, just appalled at her stupidity and tell her that they should suspend her licence right then and there for her inability to recognize her responsibilities and liability in this situation. After leaving, she was still yelling at the office, and I wonder if she was taken back to the station for fingerprinting. Nice move, slick.