Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Husband Bitch-Off!

Ok ladies... you've been there. Married for one, two, three, maybe even 25 years. There has GOT to be something that totally erks you about your husband. But we say "he is who he is and we love him regardless"...right? I would have to say that my current complaint about my husband has me concerned that my marriage may not survive. Here's the thing:
My husband is a "yes man" to everybody. His boss (somewhat understandable) his friends (who mostly only come around when they want something from him) and his family (who has never been there for him one second in his life). But what is worse, when someone says something about his lady (that would be me) that is disrespectful (from his family to his friends) he is all about "keeping the peace" instead of keeping her honor.
What the fuck is wrong with this situation? Well, I can tell you one thing. A friend of his questions my position as a mother to my son when my 3 year old has his nose broken (I wanted to sue the hell out of the school) and called into question my abilities as a parent (which is completely outrageous!). This man, this friend of my husbands, has had maybe ONE conversation with me in the ten years I have been with my husband, yet his attacks and questions (telling me I shouldn't sue the school because it is a Catholic School) were totally out of line and disrespectful. I cut him off completely. Nobody questions me when it comes to my child, that is MY child and I will protect him. My husband, on the other hand, tells me one thing and his friend the other.
I find on his computer, that we share for work, an open email between the two of them, where my husband is all "love you brother, have a great father's day"... I'm thinking to myself, "where the fuck is your loyalty?". If anyone had ever said anything in disrespect to my husband or dishonored him the way his friend did to me, I would have brought out the claws or just bid them farewell. Like Abigail Adams stood by her husband to her deathbed when she found out Thomas Jefferson conspired against her husband while in office to keep the fragile new nation out of war with France, I stand by my husband and feel with and for him.
This is something he lacks. So I am a bit pissed off, to say the least, in my husbands inability to honor me. Not that I need protection, but I'd like to think that my husband would take offence to someone belittleing his wife, yet this isn't the first time he has turned his back to "keep the peace".
Fuck that. There are times where you say "ok, let it go, keep the peace" but not every single time! Grab your balls up off the floor and say something!! I am constantly on guard for my child, making sure he has the resources available to him for survival, communication and life even at his young age of 4. I am always there to talk with him when he needs me and I never allow anyone to dishonor neither my son or my husband. So why is it ok for his family, his friends or a total stranger to say something to or about me (especially when they don't even KNOW me)?

Shut up and Supervise!

There is a growing trend in today's schools. No, I'm not talking about bullying, we all know about that and will deal with it in one way, shape or form eventually. No, I'm talking about the trust we, as parents of our young children, place into the schools we send our children to, to hire responsible, caring, alert parents and aides to supervise our most precious children, be-it on the playground, in the classroom or on field trips. Well, my friends, I what I have to tell you is alarming, maddening and frightening.

Growing up in the 80's and 90's, for me, I thought was tough. I remember being bullied on the playground while the teachers aids responsible for watching what is going on stood in a corner and chatted away as I had my hair pulled out, was called every name in the book and teased to the point of tears. All in 3rd grade! We now know bullying is an even bigger problem so you would THINK that schools would be on top of their game, watching everything their eyes could possibly see. Teacher/Student ratio is VERY important. Yet, this morning, while out on my morning job, my heart broke as it was confirmed to me that these "aids" responsible for keeping the 2 year olds safe on the playground are NOT paying attention. This is what I saw.

I went past the playground on my first round around the block. The teachers aide was busy talking to some Blonde trying too hard to look much younger than her age. I don't know if she was a mother or just another runner like me, all I know is that the two, the teacher's aide and the blonde, we engaged in a conversation while the little ones played on the playground. I thought to myself "who is supervising these children"?

My round about the block takes about ten minuets. I was surprised when I came back around towards the playground to see the same blonde bimbo and the teacher's aide STILL chatting and NOT watching these children. Then I turned my attention to the children. What I saw was heartbreaking. One child got angry with the other, took up a bucket of sand and through it RIGHT in her face! Of course the little one immediately starts crying, puts her hands up to her eyes as the sand must really be stinging (and I am hoping there is no damage done to her retinas). Only THEN does the teacher's aide say to the blonde bimbo "Alright, well you have a nice day" and then walks over to the crying child and says "no no no" in a calm voice "don't cry. use your words". She had no idea she had just had a bucket of SAND thrown in her eyes or who had done it, and you can NOT expect a 2 year old to be able to articulate that! I stopped my jogging. This is EXACTLY HOW MY SON BROKE HIS NOSE and I was NOT about to let another inadequate aide get away with chatting instead of watching these kids.

"If you hadn't been talking with that woman for so long" I said "you would have been able to prevent this. You need to SHUT UP AND SUPERVISE. This child just had a bucket of SAND thrown in her face and I suggest you get her inside to the school nurse and have her eyes flushed out and you better hope to GOD that her eyes are not damaged".

The teacher's aide was speechless. She knew I was right. She radioed to the nurse who came out to collect the child and from there I left. I made sure to let her know that my son had his nose broken on the school playground because of inadequate supervision by the teachers aides and she was no better than the bitches who stood by as my son bled out all over himself before they found him wandering the playground.

This particular incident struck a cord with me, for personal reasons, as I know first hand that these "teacher's aides" do nothing but stand in a corner together and socialize; talk about their weekend, their planned vacations and bitch about their husbands. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE. For the safety of our children, this trend MUST change.

So I challenge all you mothers out there, reading this post, to be on your guard with your child's school. Don't be afraid to be that mother that is always saying something, bitching or complaining. Because, as I have found, no one does! And if I don't say something, no one will. Take it into your hands to protect your child and make sure he/she is safe the best YOU can when he/she goes to school.

Good luck, Mama's!! It's a hard road ahead but I'm with you 100%!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Did I join the right place to blog?

So I'm going from blog to blog, trying to get a glimpse of what others all over the place are saying, blogging, feeling, thinking... Every single blog I seemed to come across is a blog about Jesus or the Lord or God or whatever you call it. Now, don't get me wrong, I am no hater of God or Religion, but I have had the Catholic Church turn it's back on me in such a terrible way that I cannot help but be a bit bitter. But I had to ask myself the question... is blogger only for the spiritually motivated to "spread the word" and what-not? Now, you might be wondering what it was the Catholic Church had done to me to make me feel a little distasteful towards them. And I can say it had a little something to do with a wooden swing, my son's face, $1000 and a slap in the ass. Basically, I paid $1000 to send my 3 year old son to a Catholic School only to have him have his nose broken on the ill equipped playground by a tantruming first grader who threw a wooden teeter-totter (yes, an outdated wooden swing, I bet you thought they didn't have them around playgrounds anymore; they should be plastic now!) directly at my son's face, thus breaking it in two areas on the very first day of school. They refused to refund my tuition, as I refused to send him BACK to the school who allowed 3 year olds to play on the same playground and equipment as first graders (which is highly illegal) AND attempted to cover up the incident by removing the wooden "swing" from the playground, gathering no statements from the parents/responsible parties on the grounds to watch the children with an ill attempt at an investigation.

That's the quick version. I'm sure later in my entries, I will feel more motivated to bitch out exactly what happened from beginning to end, but that it why I have such a bad taste in my mouth about how organized religion is run.

So, am I the only one who notices all the blogs about God and Jesus and the Lord and Praise being the only blogs seemingly to get attention on here? Do I have to put God in my posts to grab some readers? Or am I missing something (like having a blog dedicated to Him)?
Sorry if I offended anyone with this particular entry but I don't call it "My Bitchography" for nothin'.


You know what I love to do? Watch me some trash TV! You ever have a day where you just feel like, "Damn, I been workin' my ass off for months, with nobody taking notice to how freaking hard I work, I'm taking the day off"? I do. I did. And I called out. And I spent my day lazing on the couch, watching me some trash TV. I'm taking Jerry Springer and Maury back-to-back! I love these chicks that get their butts on Maury and they're 1000% sure he is the father and then BAM! "You are NOT the father"! Better yet, he's the 5th man tested! I LOVE IT! How else do you make yourself feel better about your shit life but by taking pleasure in the stupid sluts that make damn ass fools of themselves on national TV, run off the stage after spending the last 15 minutes screaming at this guy that he IS the father and he ends up not being the dad! It is TV at its finest. Forget the heartfelt love Oprah shows her quests, Dr. Phil's house of pain, it's Maury and Jerry that bring out the best our country has to offer. Gotta love me some Maury. He's all sympathetic to these sluts, telling them "we'll get you help. We'll help you find the father". Or how about when he introduces his guests "Everybody, this is *insert ridiculous name here*. This is her tenth time on the show"... Its fucking hysterical! You test 10 men to find out the father of ONE baby! Gotta love Maury for his open heart to these women. And the audience! Oh the audience. They booooooo their asses off when the man comes out, before any results are read and then... "NOT THE FATHER". FABULOUS! Forget watching the "Price is Right" during my sick days, this tops all. So when you're in a slump, calling off of work, feeling unappreciated and down in the dumps, there is always some Maury or Jerry you can watch that will help pick your spirits up and make you feel ten times better than when you began your day! Happy Trashy TV!!