Saturday, February 16, 2013


We all love to believe in it.  We all love to think that "what goes around comes around".  The problem I have with Karma is that I am rarely around to see it make its way back to those who earn it.  However, hearing about it instead of being that fly on the wall you WANT to be will have to do.

Some people say the "best revenge is being happy".  Others say it's "looking good".  I say it when you fucking "GET WHAT YOU DESERVE".  And when getting what you deserve includes being dealt the same hand of cards you've thrown at others.  So imagine my delight at hearing about "the bitch" I've known for my lifetime has been having a spot of trouble convincing people of her malicious propaganda?!  Well, lets just say "shits and giggles" just doesn't cut it.  I am absolutely delighted at the face that this two face, manipulative bitch is FINALLY getting the turn around treatment she deserves.  I always found it difficult to believe that the people this woman spoke to seriously couldn't hear past her fake voice, see past her fake face and walk past her fake ass.  But for years, this woman manages to float by on looks and, what seemed to be a keen ability to make anyone believe her advertisements about why she deserved your sympathy rather than your anger.  This, for many years, pissed the hell outta me.  Now? I find it funny that she's now in her 50's, still pulling the same stunts and thankfully, society in this area has somewhat become a little smarter (or perhaps they were burned by her and word just got around) and they do not seem to be falling for those same tricks any more. 

How's that old saying go? "Trying the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition insanity"... I guess she thought the same old same old would continue to work for her.  Go figure.  I always suspected anyway!!