Monday, November 29, 2010

"I am Thankful for..."

My family has this tradition at Thanksgiving... we call it "I am Thankful For...". We place everyone's name into a hat and each person at the dinner table pick a name. You have through dinner time to think of some things that make you "thankful" for that particular person. The only thing about this "wonderful" tradition is that it is plain, old fashioned BULLSHIT. Some people have seriously NO CLASS or sense of feeling for another person as the "popular" ones start trading among themselves different names. "I'll give you mine if you give me yours"... so what does that tell me? You simply cannot find ONE SIMPLE THING about that person's name on that little piece of paper that you are THANKFUL for? Are you FUCKING kidding me? Shit, if I got your name, I would be more than happy to thank you for your "blatant honesty, even when it comes to making someone feel like a total piece of shit..." I would beg to differ about who the piece of shit actually is.

This has always amazed me. I never liked the tradition because of how petty it was. If someone didn't get a person they really didn't like, they would TRADE until they got someone they could be Thankful for. I know I can think of reasons why each person in my family was special to me, but others can't? Are people so shallow and self absorbed that you can't think over your own selfishness? This whole act, to me, is so insulting. Who wouldn't be insulted if it was YOUR name being traded from person to person until someone finally can make up some "bullshit" answer about why they're "thankful" for you.

Thankful my ass.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Woke Up This Morning....

I Woke up this morning
Got myself a gun,
My mama always said I'd be
The Chosen One.

She said: I'd be one in a million I believe
You've got to burn to shine,
But I was born under a bad sign,
With a blue moon in my eyes.

woke up this morning
All that love had gone,
My Papa never told you
About right and wrong.

But I'm, but I'm looking good, baby,
I believe that I'm feeling fine, I was,
Born under a bad sign
With a blue moon in my eyes.
so help me now

Woke up this morning
Woke up this morning
Got a blue moon in my eyes
Got not shame about it

Woke up this morning
Got a blue moon in mu eyes
Woke up this morning

I woke up this morning
The world turned upside down,
Lord above, thing's ain't been the same
Since the Blues walked in our town.

Baby, but I'm, but I'm one in a million
I've got that shotgun shine; no shame about it,
Born under a bad sign,
With a blue moon in my eyes

I Woke up this morning
Got a blue moon in my eyes
Woke up this morning
Got a blue moon in my eyes

god damn no shame about it

I Woke up this morning
Got a blue moon in my eyes
I can't help myself

When I woke up this morning everything was gone.
By half past ten my head was going ding-dong.
Ringing like a bell from my head down to my toes,
Like a voice telling me there was something I should know.
Last night I were flying but today I'm so low
Ain't it times like these that make me wonder if I'll ever know
The meaning of things as they appear to the others:
Wives, husbands, mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers
I wish I didn't function,
I wish I didn't think
Beyond the next paycheck and the next little drink'
Well I do so make up your mind to go on,'cos
When I woke up this morning everything I had was gone.

I Woke up this morning
when I Woke up this morning
I Woke up this morning
I wanna be .
I wanna be the Chosen One.

I Woke up this morning
I Woke up this morning
I Woke up this morning
Got myself a gun
Got myself a gun.
Got myself a gun.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high,
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true.

Someday I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far
Behind me.
Where troubles melt like lemon drops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me.

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly.
Birds fly over the rainbow.
Why then, oh why can't I?

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can't I?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

There's Always Tomorrow

There's always tomorrow,
For dreams to come true,
Believe in your dreams
Come what may.

There's always tomorrow,
With so much to do,
And so little time in a day.

We all pretend
The rainbow has an end
And you'll be there my friend someday.

There's always tomorrow,
For dreams to come true,
Tomorrow is not far away.

We all pretend,
The rainbow has an end,
And you'll be there my friend someday.

There's always tomorrow,
For dreams to come true,
Tomorrow is not far away.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Asshole Parents

I, by no means, like to think of myself as "the perfect parent". Hell, I've only been at it for... oh, what? 5.5 years? Who am I to judge a parent and their choices? But when you put your kid in obvious danger, then you are, what I like to call the "asshole parent".

Case in point;

Driving down the road the other day, I came to a stop sign. I was on the way to a marketing meeting. I follow the rules of the road. Stay for 3 seconds and take that time to look left, right and left again. When I look to my left, I saw a tiny car and thought nothing of it... until I took a longer look. And there, in the road was, not one but TWO of those stupid (yes I call them stupid) little kiddie cars that parents think it is such a grand idea to let a three year old get behind the wheel of a mechanical device, not to mention let two of them go down the middle of the road where cars are KNOWN to speed down that very hill. It would be impossible for someone who was speeding to stop in enough time to not collide with the children. So, I fore go heading to my meeting and turn to my left. I think, "somebody has GOT to tell these kids to get out of the street!" I am SURE somewhere in the manual it says "not to be used on the open road" but for "asshole parents", who reads directions and follows them anyway?

As I get closer and approach the rear car I am astonished at what I see... this was not a child in the "car", but rather the FATHER of the one leading the parade! The PARENT stuffed inside the child-sized jeep made for 5-10 year olds. I take a gander at the little girl driving her Barbie Car, at a slow 5 miles an hour, which I am pretty such is illegal to have a vehicle on the road that cannot go any faster than 10. Still, I am absolutely STUNNED at what I witnessed and followed behind as I was afraid to pass the 7 year old driving her itty-bitty car in the middle of the street.... not even following traffic control rules or regulations. As they turn down the street and out of sight, I thank my lucky stars I have a husband that at least knows that putting a child behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle is never a good idea. Especially in the middle of the street.

Asshole Parents; I see you. You're the type that use children as weapons. The type that let your kids bully and manipulate other children so they grow up thinking the world is theirs to take. You're the parents that teach your children to lie when it's good for them, even if it is at someone else's expense. And you're the type I can't stand because you're actually no parent at all. You're a puppet for your child's playtime. Congratulations. You've begun to sabotage our future.

F You.

It's a Brand New Day

I've stayed in one place for too long,
Gotta get on the run again,
I saw the one thing that I want,
Hell bent, get outta bed,
I'm throwing rocks at your window,
You're tying the bed sheets together,
They say that we're dreaming too big,
I say this town's too small,

Send me a sign,
Turn back the clock,
Give me some time,
I need to break out,
And make a new name
Let's open our eyes,
To the brand new day
It's a brand new day,

I've taken hits like a brawler,
But I'm getting back up again
And from the moment I saw her,
I was hell bent with heaven sent,
I'm throwing rocks at your window,
We're leaving this place together,
They say that we're flying too high,
Well, get used to looking up,

Send me a sign,
Turn back the clock,
Give me some time,
I need to break out,
And make a new name,
Let's open our eyes,
To the brand new day
It's a brand new day,

It's a brand new day,
I know it's a brand new day,
Come on to the brand new day,
I know it's a brand new day,

Send me a sign,
Turn back the clock,
Give me some time,
I need to break out,
And make a new name,
Let's open our eyes,
To the brand new day
It's a brand new day,

A Dormant Period.

Period of rest; not growing. Conserving energy and tends to be closely related to environmental situations. Another form of hibernation where one flees to escape for a period of time to return awake, sharp and focused.

Just in case you're wondering.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kids are smarter than you realize

Some people think that children are these little creatures that don't understand life around them. Well, maybe they don't have an understanding to the negativity that surrounds them in daily life, hitting them from all corners, but they do know when something is wrong, something isn't quite right or when someone around them has done something wrong.

My little man has the uncanny ability to understand when things just aren't adding up. He stops. He watches. He listens. And sadly for him, things have happened that he has witnessed that have hurt him and made him fearful and regretful that he was unable to stop it. At five years old, his love and protectiveness for his mother is very strong. Here is the story of my little boy.

My son's conception came after a devastating miscarriage in 2005. I carried for 6 months, unknowingly, and the baby died while in utero. It was a little girl. I named her and still light a candle each year on the day that was to be her birthday. When we found there was no heartbeat, we also were forced into having the baby stillborn. From that point on, pregnancy always has frightened me. From my own or those closest to me. When a mother reaches two months, I worry. When a mother reaches 6 months of pregnancy, I worry even harder. And as she advances into her third trimester, I become "out there" because I am so worried about the baby and their mother.

After the birth of my son, people around him swarmed and he was showered with love. He spent 4 full wonderful years building relationships with people that he loved and valued as Aunts, Uncles even when they were not. He enjoyed an array of vacations, trips to places most kids don't visit until their teenage years with the people he loved and admired.
Then, one day... poof....


There was an agenda against his mother. No one had the courage to speak to his mother about any issues or troubles that were bothering them. Instead, a coalition was built in favor of taking her down and out and if he was involved in the removal process, then he was considered "collateral damage". Such sickness has been around for many generations and has been known to me since I was a child. Yet in my younger years, I was not able to communicate properly and thus, helped dig myself into my own hole by turning a blind eye to things I knew just weren't right. Giving the benefit of the doubt doesn't always work in your favor... sometimes it can bite you in the ass. Your best efforts have been in vain.

All the while, a little child is mixed up in this power play between adults. A childlike struggle that shouldn't exist at the ages we are. Still, legacy's are harder to rid yourselves of. It is just as equally difficult to stand up for yourself in an assertive and respectful way without being drawn into a knock-down drag-out fight. For years, my son witnessed total disrespect towards his mother. He said little things like "why does so-and-so talk to you like that, Mommy?" and Mommy would say "sometimes people just don't know what they do". Thinking family was family and no matter what, the romance that you stick together was strong in my mind. It couldn't have been farther from the truth.

In one fell swoop, he witnessed two of his most beloved people, whom he has known since the day he was born, verbally attack his mother in such a hostile manner that it frightened him to run out of the room and away from the confrontation. Six months later, he still asks me about it. I tell him "people make mistakes, but that doesn't make them bad people. They're just hurt people". However, this morning, he came to me with a dream.

In his words:

"Mommy was holding a big black dog with a short face. He was being mean to her, trying to take the fuzzy ball away from her. He made Mommy sad. So I ran and killed the dog away (meaning he took the dog away from his mother) from Mommy and put it on the floor. The dogs body got "all fired up" (on fire but not by him, it just became on fire) and his "tail was all fired up". He then turns to his mother and says "are you ok, Mommy?". His mother hugs him and says "Yes, I am fine". He said he felt happy that he had saved his Mommy from the mean dog that was attacking her.

To me, this is a direct result of the terrible sight he saw when two of his most beloved people in his life lost control of themselves and attacked his mother; rendering him helpless and powerless to help her. His guilt remains in his mind even though I have done my best to help move him forward and not to think about things like this. Still, you and I know that you cannot control your subconscious.

The black dog in the dream was an aggressive dog; I am guessing a Rottweiler or a pit. These dogs are not vicious by nature, they are brought up that way but society teaches us these are dangerous animals. So the dangerous animal was being mean to his mother and here was his opportunity to save his Mother from the attacker, instead of running away. Taking the aggressive dog away from his Mother and extinguishing it was his way of saving her and taking care of the problem. He was protecting me. He felt powerless during the actual event yet in his dream, which gave him much relief as he was telling me about it, it gave him the ability to overcome his fear of the aggressor and step in to help his mother.

This was not my dream. It was my sons. I have been told that children don't know anything when something is wrong. But what is wrong about that is that children know everything when something is wrong. They watch body language, they read facial cues, tone of voice and listen to what is being said. And my son, having been tested with an IQ must higher than the normal child his age, knew something was wrong a long time ago... I just wish he could have told me about it before my life changed forever.

So to anyone out there that dismisses a child's ability to see things for what they are, I say to you; NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A CHILD'S MIND. They see and hear everything. And just because they can't talk, walk or communicate fully doesn't mean they DON'T understand something is wrong. Don't be so stupid. Listen to your children. For all you know, they know something you don't know....

Monday, November 15, 2010

Where is your turning signal?

Driving down the road, I'm following this slow, old Lincoln of which I know who is behind the wheel. I don't have to explain myself any more than that, I think we all can agree who was driving this infamous car.

Anyway, I am following at a safe distance. I like to keep two car lengths between myself and the car in front of me. For this reason exactly: turn signals. Who the hell uses them properly anymore? In my states drivers handbook, you MUST signal for at least a reasonable amount of length between the turn you are about to make and your current position. Why does this rule apply only to me? I swear, how many people have I cussed out because I will be following them and then they have this "oh shit" moment where they realize they have to turn and do so ever so slowly. It would be one thing if they turned quickly because the traffic flow behind them isn't slowing down because... well, we're NOT mind readers! We don't know you are planning to turn ahead!! The world cannot revolve around you, you fucknut! Give us the opportunity to break, slow up and let you turn without rear ending your ass because you failed to tell us you were turning! And you know what the BEST part of this whole thing is? That if I were to be the one to rear end one of these assholes, it would be MY FAULT in the eyes of the law. I am suppose to have control over my vehicle at all times, including when asshole in front of me decides to turn without notice and causes some serious road rage after the fact.

I know, cussing the driver out is not effective. They can't hear you. But sometimes a good "FUCK YOU!" gets the feeling off your chest after you've just avoided a crash due to someone driving and their brain being in outter space.

I find it equally aggravating when someone turns their signal one only when they begin to make their turn. Dude, THAT doesn't COUNT!! You can't put your signal on as you are making the turn just so you can say "I had my signal on". Sure, yeah, you did. But you didn't have it on for the correct duration of space and time required by law asshole!! You put peoples lives in danger because your brain is out thinking about your next SS check or what you're going to buy for dinner later on this week. Or, worst of all, your brain just isn't think about anything at all, not even the task at hand and therefore, you put MORE lives in danger and that's just not cool.

One day, you will turn without a signal and either hurt yourself or someone else... only then will that be your wake up call...

Monday, November 8, 2010


We've all been there. We need to get into the store and get out in a hurry. You're as patient as can be, given the circumstances you are a half hour late to a meeting, still have to pick up the coffee for the boss and get gas to make to town. But the cashiers behind the counter have other plans.

I know Corporations are trying to get extra, impulse sales from the customers at the front desks, but seriously, when someone tells you "No thank you" when you ask if they're interested in opening up a card, sign-up for reward coupons or your email address, why press the issue? It just will piss the person in a hurry off and make them later.

I have one objection in this situation. Get in. Grab my shit. Get in line. Pay for it and Get out. Period. This morning, I needed a book for a meeting I was already running late for, still needing to pick up the management team our morning goodies to get us sugared up and ready for the day. So when I got to the counter to pay, I just wanted to pay and be on my way. The cashier did her job and asked me if I had a Special Readers Club Card. I said I did but not on me. She says "I can look it up for you by email". Knowing how long my personal email is and that it would be difficult to tell her without having to repeat myself a billion times, I smile and say "no thanks, I'm kinda in a rush". She says " I look up 20 emails sometimes! I doesn't take me long". At this point, I have already said kindly, no thanks but she keeps at me. I am getting agitated but remain calm. "How much for the book?" I ask. She then says "You might get some percentage off if I can find your Readers Club Card". Ok lady. NO! I fucking wanted to pay and LEAVE. "No thanks, can you please tell me how much so I can get going?" She tells me about $20, I give her my money and wait for my change. The entire fucking time she is counting out my change, she just won't Shut the Fuck Up about how fast it can be to look up my account through my email. The fact is, lady, that I don't shop here enough to give a shit and now, I dread having to go back again for next months run.

I know you're suppose to ask these questions when you work in a department store, bookstore, or whatever store to drive sales, but when you push too much you can go too far. There is a point where you just say "ok, well thank you for shopping and I hope you come back soon."

Seriously, this bitch set me back another five critical minuets and could have cost me some real good reputation I have with my bosses. I made sure I had extra coffee, doughnuts and breakfast items for this mornings meeting to glaze over the fact that I walked in at exactly the moment the meeting began. Though I wasn't late technically, I like showing up 15 minuets early to set up and get ready for my talking points. I was not organized with my shit because of some lady who wouldn't Shut the Fuck Up when someone says "no Thank You".

Fuckin' A; Part Duex

Listen up Verizon peoples. Don't fuckin' lie to your customers. If you make a defective product, just own up to it and replace it. It would seem as if you have taught your fantastic employee's how to be deceptive and lie like criminals when they come to you for help. This is the second time I have gone into this Verizon store and been fucked up by a Verizon employee.

My one year anniversary came up with Verizon. When you're with Verizon, every year you can replace your phone with a new contract (or something like that). I wanted my Blackberry. I've been waiting a whole damn year for it and I was excited to finally have it. I had it for one week. Then, Saturday morning, I woke up to a completely fried Blackberry. I am serious. The phone was friggin' how as hell as if it had been lit on fire! I don't claim to know a lot about cell phones, but I know enough that a phone that heats up like that is not a good one. So I took the battery out, let it cool down and I went about my morning. When I put the battery back into the phone the phone was dead. I had to put aside all my things to do for Saturday, pack up my son and off we went on an adventure to the Verizon store.

So Frank was nice. He told me the battery was bad and so was the phone. He gave me a new phone, set me up with my email and all my apps, uploaded my phone numbers. I go home and turn the phone off to charge it. You know how irritating it is when you buy a new phone and it has maybe one bar of battery available to you so you have to charge it a bit before you can use it?

This is what I did. I went about my Saturday. Took my son out to get ready for Football Sunday, bought toys for the baby and the kids and had a nice dinner out together. Sunday morning rolls around and I have to get ready for the day. We're headed out for Football!! I go back to my phone (that has been next to my bed during the evening OFF the charger) and SHAZHAMMM!! Dead. No response. FUCKIN' A! REALLY? I was at the Verizon store before it even opened, waiting. Of course, I had others waiting with me, but I was there first. Waiting a good 20 minuets for the doors to open. I felt the older customers waiting with me were going to try and push me aside when the doors open, kinda like the mad dash when it's Black Friday so I just stood at the door, against it, until the manager opened the door and I was the first one in for Tech Support.

The woman who helped me was very good. Very kind. But she informed me that the notes on my account said that I was given a new battery NOT a new phone... giving me a new battery wasn't going to do anything because the problem was a defective PHONE. When this Verizon rep replaced a display model with my battery, the phone turned on. My phone was shot. I made sure this time, that she came out with a new box and charger for me. I gave her my old charger in case the charger was somehow defective too.

So I had to sit for another freaking hour as she switched all my stuff all over again. I wonder what Frank was doing to my phone when he said he was uploading all my phone numbers in the back office... was he stealing the new phone he said he was giving me? Whatever.

I hate liars. I hate being lied to. And what is in it for this Verizon rep to lie to me that he gave me a new phone when he didn't? The only thing I can think of is that he was fuckin' lazy and didn't feel like doing what he should have to help me.

In any event, now I have my second, possibly third, Blackberry on my belt. Lets hope this one stays alive.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bushisms; Gotta love 'em!

"Rarely is the questioned asked: Is our children learning?" —George W. Bush, Florence, S.C., Jan. 11, 2000

Fickle Fickle America

'The Change We Need!"

Just a short two years ago, the American people stood up and said "Enough of the same! We need change!" and voted into the office of the President of the United States its first democrat in 8 years and its very first black man. A gigantic step indeed! We stood hand-in-hand across the Nation with a message that was loud and clear. We needed help from our Government to end the suffering, the corporate corruption and troubles that hit the housing market and left a lot of families homeless or shuffled into the mix; forgotten.

Just a meek two years later, we're now changing our minds? With the rise of the "Tea Party" who stands to change backwards 100 years to those ideals and ideas (the very thing we were voting AGAINST when we sung President Obama into office) we're now saying we have had enough of the Democrats and want the "Tea Party Republicans" to fix the problems? Fickle. Fickle American.

Do we not understand that time is needed to gain any type of huge change? We will not see the fruits of any labor if we are so short in our patience. And by "flip flopping" from one party to another, it shows a lack of faith we have in ourselves to make a decision and STICK WITH IT. Are we so unsure and scared that we don't realize the true power we DO have?

The Republican and Democratic parties each have their wackos and extremists (Christine O'Donnell anyone?) who are ill advised about parts of our constitution and the true meanings behind what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they signed the famous document. The people had more power then and their say matter more than it does today... or so we are led to believe.

Fuck that! We are the United States of America and we have a LOT to say! We say "don't take my home because Banks and Government got greedy and I am your victim!" "keep your hands off my retirement money because I earned it and your corporate corruption is your problem, not mine!" "don't tell me my child with cancer can't get health care because she has a 'preexisting condition!" "Don't make the elderly have to work all the way up to the day of their death to keep health care, benefits and money flowing. Let us have our golden years!".

How on earth can we expect, or hope to accomplish, these above statements if we keep changing our minds?! We'll never get anywhere if we don't give the President, his House and Senate a chance to work together, without sabotage, and get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. Face it. The President is a powerful position, but it doesn't come with a Magic Wand that fixes 8 years of corruptions and Dick Cheney's poor aim. If it took 8 years to destroy the economy, wouldn't it be only logical to expect it to take at least that long to restore it?

America, be patient and stand on your feet. Stand up with your beliefs. Don't cave when things seem down because we've got to go down before we can get back up again.

God. Bless. America.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Look the Fuck Up!

Alright, this really pisses me off.

I can't count on both my hands how many times I've been stopped at a bus stop as the passengers get off the bus, or trolley or whatever the fuck and, instead of taking the crosswalk or looking both ways before crossing the street, they just walk right out into the street. Some are on the phone, some are texting or tweeting. Whatever they're doing, it can't WAIT until you get safely across the stress? No no no, you jump off the bus, cross the street looking at the ground and walk as slowly as possible to the other side. Why did the chicken cross the road? NOT to get hit by a car, THATs for fucking sure.

I know I know I know. I am the driver. I am the one in control of the car. So why is it totally ok for people to be completely lacking in brain function when they're about to cross the street? I teach my child to "stop, look and listen", hold my hand and keep looking as he crosses the street... what is so hard about this concept for adults to keep in mind?

Ok so the other day I was headed to a Doctors appointment. I was at a stop sign. I saw a young woman to my left walking, slowly mind you, on a cell phone. Something in my gut told me that she wasn't going to stop, look and listen and was just going to walk right out, keep talking and slowly walk across the street on her cell phone. And that is exactly what she did. She never looked up. She never stopped. I am not even completely sure that she even knew she was walking into the street. All I know is that street rules and regulations just don't apply to pedestrians anymore.

The only satisfaction I ever got was about a year ago when a man who was jaywalking, got hit by a car in a parking lot. Thankfully it WAS a parking lot so the car was moving under any significant miles per hour and it was just a bump, but when the police got to the scene, not only did they give the driver a ticket but they gave the pedestrian a citation for jaywalking! Bam! Take that bitches! When my friend (who is an officer) told me this, I was giddy to hear that FINALLY the idiot who was more dumber than a chicken who crosses a street got a kick in the ass for his part in creating a hazardous situation.

So is it too much to ask for people to Look the Fuck Up when you get off the bus and cross the street? Please?! It annoys the fucking hell outta me. Just makes me want to slam on the gas and scare the shit out of you so that you never look down again.

Keep your chin up, Bitches.

Monday, November 1, 2010


The first poll of My Bitchography is closed! Thank you to all voters who helped make my first poll, though a tiny one, what I consider a success! I find the results to be very interesting.

It was a tie for first place between "Liars" and "People that talk about you behind your back". This is understandable as you can make the connection between people that talk about you behind your back and are nice to your face as actually being a form of Liar. So this makes perfect sense to me and you, too.

Up following closely tied in second place are "Stupid People" and "Backstabbing Bitches". One could argue that these, too, could also be connected in away as Backstabbing Bitches are pretty Stupid People. What goes around, comes around. Keep that in mind, BsB's! On the other hand, they're totally different subjects and I can see how difficult it would be to pick between the two. A good show of hand for the silver medal!

"Terrible Drivers" "Someone Stealing your Parking Space" and "Hateful People" all come in for the bronze together. The first two are obviously connected and not connected in the same regard. However, I find "Hateful People" being a little out of place here. I am curious why this didn't get more votes to at least go along with "Backstabbing Bitches" and "Stupid "People". Perhaps more votes would have given "Hateful People" the extra push it needs, but hey, I am just glad that we all agree that "Hateful People" are one of the most irritating things that Piss Us Off!!

Finally, coming in Forth with 1% of the votes are "Teenagers". This, obviously coming from my older readers but I do have to say, even AS a teenager myself, I hated them. They can be some pretty awful creatures. You have some really good kids out there that are given a bad rap by the ones who put up Facebook Pages just to terrorize someone literally to death. This is a growing problem, and one that needs to be stopped at all costs. This is why, along with "Teenagers", I vote in "Uninvolved Parents" to go along with them. Because, as I have said before, "It all starts at home, ladies and gentleman".

Getting no votes, and with good reason (because it was a trick questions) are "Opening the Fridge to Find no Milk", "Shopping at the Market" and "Secrets". Why? Well, we all do these things purposely so we really can't get too angry about them. We all have our secrets (for good reason's too), we have to shop at the market (no matter how irritating it can get) and I think it is safe to say that we're all guilty of leaving an empty bottle of something in the fridge (be-it Milk, Soda, OJ or whatever). So Kudos to you all for not falling for it!!

Being that this was my first poll, I am excited it got some attention. Not much but I had no expectations. I am happy as a Bitch in a gossip group that some people took the time to vote. Keep coming back for more each month as we delve deeper into more Bitchin' Polls!

Thanks Bitches!!