Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Certain Uncertainties

In your mind, you've got it made up.  You are confident and ready.  You know where you want to go and you're headed there.  And then there's that one person that is a pain in the ass and can't make up their minds if they want to go with you or stay behind.  I am referring to changing your life.  Sometimes, you come to a crossroads where you are unsure and scared of which way you should take, even though your gut and your heart collectively are telling you to go one certain way.  You are firm with your two feet on the ground as a person, completely whole and self fulfilling and the other butthead can't seem to plant one foot next to the other.  It's like they're teetering back and forth and are scared of where their feet will land. 

Well, all I have to say is; JUST DO IT! For Gods sake, life throws you lots of curve balls, try and catch one for once! Pick your chin up and move toward where you know you belong.  Go left or go righ;t don't just stand in the middle.  I'm headed in my direction, you gonna follow me or just stand there and watch me walk away? Can you? WILL you?  You gotta love when someone you care about just can't seem to HEAR you when you're talking even though you know they do.  Everything makes total sense and fits yet fear of rejection and total annihilation grip you.  I fight for the things that I want and need in life. I fight for my son, my family.  I fight for myself and my rights.  I fight for my nephew who has Aspergher's Syndrome.  I fight for love and happiness. Where is your fight? What do you fight for?

Some things in life are uncertain, some are certain and some are certain uncertainties; meaning you know what you have to do yet you are afraid to do it because of doubt and fear.  Doubt will always present itself.  Its a devil of a feeling.  Yet when certainty outweighs the uncertainties then you have to take your life and leap of faith.  Your life is in your hands, no one else's.  Its up to you to make the moves you need to.  Was it hard for me to walk away from an 11 year relationship? Hell, you betcha.  But I also knew that my happiness was being compromised just because I was afraid of what was on the other side of the fence.  I can say that, while I still love my then husband, I can also say that my happiness has skyrocketed.  I am finally able to be ME without having to be WE at all times.  That's something a lot of people lose when they enter into a union.  Its my objective now to make sure the next relationship I am in, I preserve the ME while having a WE and a FAMILY. 

So with the certain uncertainties, don't always take the road easiest traveled.  Take the one that might get you in trouble yet proposes a much higher probability of happiness.

Oh, and Good Luck.

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