Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Shut Up and Listen

Ever been in that political conversation with someone where you just don't see eye to eye? Well, this is my daily life.  I don't mean to disrespect people, in fact, I think I am the most respectful one within the discussion.  However, when you're talking to someone who thinks that their views are the right and only views available, it's like talking to a brick wall.  Same with religion.  See, with me, there is no right or wrong religion. If you believe it with your heart and soul, then what is to say that it isn't correct?  I was raised Catholic and have the core fundamental Catholic beliefs (thought I hate how it is operated from the high levels of the Church) and that doesn't mean my Jewish friend and her beliefs are any less valid than mine.  I am annoyed when I try to talk to people about these subjects and they're so perfect that anything I say is discounted as being "brainwashed" or "not as you were taught".  Well, what does that mean, exactly? Is Religion taught or found?  I believe religion is more found than it is taught.  If you teach a child that you MUST have the same thought process as your own, be-it politics or religion (or anything, for that matter), you take away their RIGHT to make honest, educated and personal viewpoints of their own. 

For those who just can't let someone get a word in on their point of view, I urge you to SHUT THE HELL UP and LISTEN.  Just once. You might learn something.  Hear something that makes a little more sense then what you've been taught!  See, my Grandmother was a Methodist who later converted to Catholicism.  This was a choice she made based on what she had learned on her own and found that the Catholic Church had more similar view points to her own moral and convictions then her current one.  Should she have been flanked for her change of heart? NO! In fact, because of her courage, it was then as a child, I wanted to learn more about other religions to better educate myself on what other people believe.

I have an Uncle who is impossible to talk to when it comes to religion.  He is all mighty, there is nothing you can say or do that will make him respect you; EVEN IF you are agreeing with him!  He's the type that talks and talks and talks about the bible because he can recite it but ask him a genuine question about it and it's all hell breaks loose.  I can never have a regular conversation with him because some how, he works God into the equation.  Not every conversation you have must have God in it! I understand, and even emencly respect people who are devoted to their Religion, as I am quite religious myself, yet I do NOT PUSH my ideas or views on others. I can have a conversation about it and not be judgemental or hateful towards someone with a different viewpoint than myself.  Same for politics.  Raised in a Republican house hold, you can imagine my parents defeat when their little girl changed her political affiliation from conservative to liberal and voted for Obama in the last Presidential Election.  This mortifies them and sometimes causes a few spats every now and then, but I never go after their Republican roots or their believes (even though I can strongly disagree with some of it) because I respect their ability to choose their beliefs, just as I do mine.

So when you find yourself caught in a situation where you can't get a word in because Mr or Mrs Know-it-All wont shut the hell up, just walk away.  Let them know that if you can't say how you feel, they're better off talking to themselves because it has become a one-way conversation.

The End!!



Ruth said...

Ugh, agree completely. I admire people who find religion, it gives them happiness, it might even help them live better lives. Who is anyone to say its right or wrong?

I know a guy who, while it's nothing to do with religion or politics, is just such a know it all about EVERYTHING! Mainly in class. "I know all this, I made a film - that script would never work, I can write better. Why am I here?" Grrrr.

Charlotte said...

I find myself in this position with religion and politics often. I argued when I was much younger, but now I just sit and smile. I know they think they are amazing me with their brilliance, but it's quite the opposite. People just like to hear themselves talk.