Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Did I join the right place to blog?

So I'm going from blog to blog, trying to get a glimpse of what others all over the place are saying, blogging, feeling, thinking... Every single blog I seemed to come across is a blog about Jesus or the Lord or God or whatever you call it. Now, don't get me wrong, I am no hater of God or Religion, but I have had the Catholic Church turn it's back on me in such a terrible way that I cannot help but be a bit bitter. But I had to ask myself the question... is blogger only for the spiritually motivated to "spread the word" and what-not? Now, you might be wondering what it was the Catholic Church had done to me to make me feel a little distasteful towards them. And I can say it had a little something to do with a wooden swing, my son's face, $1000 and a slap in the ass. Basically, I paid $1000 to send my 3 year old son to a Catholic School only to have him have his nose broken on the ill equipped playground by a tantruming first grader who threw a wooden teeter-totter (yes, an outdated wooden swing, I bet you thought they didn't have them around playgrounds anymore; they should be plastic now!) directly at my son's face, thus breaking it in two areas on the very first day of school. They refused to refund my tuition, as I refused to send him BACK to the school who allowed 3 year olds to play on the same playground and equipment as first graders (which is highly illegal) AND attempted to cover up the incident by removing the wooden "swing" from the playground, gathering no statements from the parents/responsible parties on the grounds to watch the children with an ill attempt at an investigation.

That's the quick version. I'm sure later in my entries, I will feel more motivated to bitch out exactly what happened from beginning to end, but that it why I have such a bad taste in my mouth about how organized religion is run.

So, am I the only one who notices all the blogs about God and Jesus and the Lord and Praise being the only blogs seemingly to get attention on here? Do I have to put God in my posts to grab some readers? Or am I missing something (like having a blog dedicated to Him)?
Sorry if I offended anyone with this particular entry but I don't call it "My Bitchography" for nothin'.

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Rachel Mae said...

Ok, I have an update on this one. So I did the same thing today, going through blogspot, hoping to find different types of blogs and I found that I was mistaken. It seems that when searching through the blogs, a theme emerges because today, it was biking. I have no interest in biking but that's what kept coming up after continuing to hit "next blog". Maybe each day has a Theme Day or whatever. Just wanted to clarify that.
Now my feelings against the Catholic Church still haven't changed a bit but I did want to recognize my findings.