Saturday, July 10, 2010

Stupid People Irritate Me

How many stupid people can I count today? One? Ten? Twenty? It just seems like we are birthing more and more idiots... or raising them. Either way, I have a lot less hope for our future in the stock being brought up by the Stupid parents and people I interact with daily. For instance: today, while driving home into my private community, I turned a corner and there, laying in the street were two teenagers. Yes, I understand teenagers don't know that they're NOT immortal. Yes I know teenagers tend to do stupid, moronic even verging on retarded things. But this? Seriously? What do you stand to gain from hanging out by sitting in the street? It was a boy, laid on his back with his head in his girlfriends lap, I suppose gazing at the clouds? Meanwhile, they're stupid asses are LAYING IN THE STREET, up against the curb, non-the-less, so it was hard to find them at first. I had to take a double take before realizing that yes, there were in fact, two people laying in the street. I stopped my car next to them before turning onto the street and yelled out my window "Are you ok?" The kids looked up at me like I was the dumb one asking this question and shot back a snotty "yeah". Then I got mad. I thought, Ok, I gave you the benefit that maybe something was seriously wrong. Maybe someone had hit him and you needed emergency assistance. Since this was not the case, I continued "Oh alright then, you really are just that stupid to be laying in the street. My bad" and I continued on my way. Stupid people, STOP BREEDING PLEASE. Stop putting kids like this as my sons future. Seriously. Just fucking stop it. I don't know if it is something in the water here in my small, little town, but it just seems like stupid people in drooves are out and all over here! And no, I'm not about to tell you where exactly it is that I live. In the case that you enter into my town, you'll know it by the amount of stupid people; unless of course, you have the very same problem too, then, of course, I'd be inclined to believe that there are more stupid towns than not. Sometimes, just sometimes, I wonder "is it me?". I mean, seriously, things can't always get on your nerves all the time because of stupid tarts but then, the more you look at the situation at hand, you think "you can't make this shit up!" and it is more eveident that the parties involved are guilty of just being stupid than thinking with any ounce of brain power. /sigh!!

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