Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Don't drive like an idiot...

...and then act surprised when you cause an accident!

I recently visited my family up north in Philadelphia.  They're on the I95 Stretch, which is a scary beast in and of itself.  On the way home from a day in the city, my friend, who had taken me out on the town for the day, was driving me back to the place I was staying when we saw this little death mobile in red zipping through and around cars like it was nobodies business.  We both looked at each other and agreed on what a turd the driver was being.  As he kept driving, I kept my eyes on the red car, who got more and more bold as they drove.  Then I saw it. A triple lane change between heavy traffic and my friend said "oh geeze, that was a horrible accident".  Now, I didn't see the accident, but I know that the asshole driving the red car cause it.  My friend dialed 911 as we passed three cars on the side of the road, under a bridge.  Two cars were totally smashed, as if they had been trying to avoid something, and slammed into the bridge while the third car, the little red death trap was fine but pulled over.  I saw this tall, lanky punk get out of the car and put his arms up in anger as if to say "did you see me coming?"

I'm sorry dude, if that was me, you wouldn't even have time to put your hands up; your face would be eating cement that fast.  People drive like fuckin' nuts and they don't expect trouble?  I just hope hope that asshole gets what is coming to him.  He went across three lanes, forces two cars to swerve to avoid him any THEY ended up colliding because of his stupid antics.  Why do some people feel the need to drive like idiots?  I was telling my friend before the crash "well, lets give him the benefit of the doubt.... he better he going to the hospital or something for his mama" but when he started to drive like a moron, then it became apparent he was showing off for the bitchette in his car.  How embarrassed she must have been. I know I would have been and I certainly would never get into a car with that guy again.

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