Monday, March 14, 2011

Wait your turn, Bitch!

Picture this. Your town. A local department store.  Ten registers in a row and only two of them are operated by a sales person. Both lines have two people in it.  For whatever reasons that we wont get into (because that's another Bitchin' post), the sales assistants are taking their good ol' time ringing up their customers that you begin to feel flushed in the face.  Its asinine to the point where you just want to scream "What the Fuck is so hard with scanning a stupid outfit?!" Anyway, you stand patiently, as does the woman in the other line.  Both of you have been waiting for quite a while when another shopper hops into the line behind you.  It's now looking like the registers are going to need a little help.  Eventually, someone else makes it to an isle and calls out to help someone.  And doesn't it fucking kick your ass when the person who has been waiting the SHORTEST just goes right over with their big cart of bullshit and starts unloading it while you and the other person, who, as I said, have been waiting for eons, look at each other as if you've just been fucked.  First; Where the hell is common sense and courtesy in this other person? I mean really? REALLY? You think your that big of the shit that you can just mosey on over you way and get in front of everyone who had been waiting before you. Second: Why the hell doesn't the register attendant SAY SOMETHING? Isn't their job to "take the next person in line, please"?  Then, I would also say it would be their job to tell the ignorant assholes that they have to wait their fucking turn and the next person in line is who should have to spot.

This is what happened to your dear old Rachel this afternoon while picking up some running clothes of good ol' Khol's. And you know me.  I don't likely keep my mouth shut.  So of course, I walk my butt over there and plant my stuff down right on top of hers.  "Excuse me!" she says "But what do you think you're doing?"
I look at her and I say "I'm buying my stuff so I can get the hell outta here".  She says " I was here first, wait your turn".  This, as you can imagine, sent Rachel off on a little irate tangent...

"wait MY turn?" I said, picking up her clothes and shoving them into her arms. "Myself and that other young lady have been waiting for these old buzzards to finish up their customers for over 15 minuets and you have the nerve to tell ME to wait MY turn? Oh lady, please, don't do this to me today. I am not going to be much nicer to you."

She was taken aback that I shoved the clothes in her face AND I could see the other woman STILL WAITING in line, snickering as I gently pushed my butt through. "And YOU" I said to the cashier "you have a duty to make sure that this type of thing doesn't happen. It makes people angry. People like me. So ring me out so I can get the heck outta here". 

No words were exchanged after that and I left with my clothes. 




Alittlesprite said...

LOL! Seriously? That would have pissed me off to. Luaghing at the other customer snickering. You probably made her day.

When I was opening my checkout I made sure to take a customer WITH me. One who had been waiting the longest to. That's what we were told to do and that's what I taught all my trainees to do as well. It's simple common sense.

Ruth said...

Go you!!! I just started training at Maccas and they stress sooo much that the 'Total experience time' shouldn't be any longer than 210 seconds (I'm pretty sure that's from when you get in line, to when you receive your food, I need to re-check the modules) It's all about the customer!

Rachel Mae said...

I LOVE the idea you said about taking the customer WITH you who has waited the longest! That's perfect. And it shows everyone around that you care about their time. I just couldn't believe this woman was so into herself that she had done what she did.
Ruth, I know how much they stress the "experience time"! My estranged husband worked for Wendy's and they had a timer go off if anyone sat in the drive thru any longer than 60 at the window. It was irritating but understandable.