Monday, September 20, 2010

How low can you go?!

So remember that Photographer friend I was telling you about? The one who thinks that because she takes her simple little camera to weddings and takes pictures makes her a professional! Guess what I found her doing now? She desides to make up a fake blog to promote herself! How do I know it is her? I'm a marketing specialist, I know how to read peoples styles. She's not all that smart about it either. The same stuff she posts on her mock blog is the same shit he posts on her "photography facebook page". I can't believe she is litterally defrauding people into thinking she's being backed by another blogger (which is HER) to drag in more business! Now, I don't know what makes a good photographer or a photographer fantastic other than what I see and comparing photos, but if I was someone looking for a photographer, I wouldn't want all my photos in black and white and out of focus. Like, why did you focus on the tree behind me and not me?? If I wanted a family portrait done, are you taking pictures for ME or for YOUR portfolio? It just is amazing to me that this chick is so low and unproductive in her own self promotion that she has to create a FAKE persona to trick people into thinking she's this hail Mary of a photographer! I am so struck by this. It is really unbelieveable. I can't believe someone won't catch onto this; and fast. Because me, as a marketing professional, I know how to spot it... but when you have unsuspecting, innocent people thinking you've been doing this for (as you claim) 12 years (and you are 23??)... somebody needs to call this bitch out fast! Fortunately for me, I just don't want to get involved. I'm more professional than that. But this one really has me laughing!! Thanks girlfriend, for my Monday Morning laugh!!!

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