Monday, September 20, 2010

Vitamin's and Fuckitol.

These are just one of those days where everything just goes wrong from the moment you roll out of bed. The kid is up late for school, giving me a hard time getting dressed and eating breakfast, the husband has to go in early for work YET AGAIN after a 90 hour work week last week, and I had to run around town making Doctor's appointments, picking up laundry and to top it all off, I HAD to run into someone I dislike more than anybody I could dislike in the world!

How do you keep a cool, calm and collected composure against someone you KNOW has told lies about you, tried to ruin your reputation within your own circle of close friends and family all for the mere fact that she's jealous that you're a genuine person and she's simply not? Not to mention the fact that I would have been happy to pass her without acknowledgement and keep going on my merry way but NOOOO. She has to continue her fakeness and approach me!!? Um hello? Do you not remember the awful, terrible and backstabbing things you did to me? Or do you have that uncanny ability to block that shit out in a desperate attempt at being in my life again? Either way, you saying "hello" to me made me want to punch you in the face. Maybe twice even. Just the sound of her voice was like nails on a chalkboard for me. And of course, for me, my brain-mouth filter doesn't work so well when I'm all worked up so I am not very receiving of this graceless girl's desire to talk to me. "Fuck off" was my response, which shocked her (or maybe she was acting. We all know how these personality types LOVE to play the victim card) and she says something else that I seriously didn't hear. Maybe because I didn't give a shit what she had to say? At that point, I kept walking and filtered her out of my earshot. I was more interested in going and buying my son some new clothes for the new school year. But the Bitch FOLLOWS me, harping on me that I should be more polite because it doesn't "cost a thing". I turned to her and stared her right in the eyes. "You cost me my sanity any time I see you. Get the fuck away from me before I start yelling 'fire!'". She stood still and I walked on.

With all the crap and backstabbing I have dealt with over the past month or so from my own kin, this was the last thing I needed or wanted to happen. And I am so through with trying to "keep the peace" and be the "nice lady"; being politically correct when someone blatantly wronged you and hurt you. Forgiveness is one thing. But that doesn't mean I'll give you another chance after you've shown me your hand. You used my kid as a weapon and expect me to want to even think of letting you back into my life? Get the fuck outta here. Get on with yourself. Find someone else to mooch off of and ruin their life cuz I'm pretty happy where I am at without you in mine.

So by the end of my errands, I needed to make sure I took a good doseage of fuckitol and always remember your vitamins too, ladies!!

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