Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How many lies will you tell...

...before you start to believe them?? What I find fucking unbelievable is the self loathing I have come to see in my fellow man in recent weeks. Why do so many people feel the need to direct their anger that belongs in a completely different place towards someone who really has nothing to do with it? I find these cases mostly at the Supermarket. I believe you are familiar with how much I HATE THE SUPERMARKET. Something always goes down, gets on my nerves or makes me want to vomit when I go food shopping. Which is partly why I spare my son the disgrace of humans fending for food (which is typically what we end up doing at the market) by going while he's in school and not drag him along. Hell, I remember being dragged along with my Grandmother when I was a child and just how much I hated it! I hated it then and I hate it now.

Anyway, I'm getting off track. People really hate themselves. I rarely see someone, at least in my area of Florida, where someone is genuine in their smiles and laugh. In the Supermarket, I watched as a young woman with a child (who seemed more like a nanny and not the mother of the child because of how more connected she was with the child... why is that? Well, here in Florida, many woman are so wealthy they can afford nanny's to raise their kids and the nanny's tend to have more of a connection with the children then their own parents) but this Mommy-Nanny (whatever) was clearly agitated from an unknown previous problem that most likely occurred before she even entered the supermarket. None-the-less, an older woman (who I am usually at war with but was supportive of here) accidentally bumped into her cart (as the Mommy-Nanny had her cart halfway out in the isle) and the Mommy-Nanny went fucking off her rocker! I mean, she really LIT into this woman that I thought for sure she was going to punch her. The child started crying and the old woman started crying, saying she hadn't meant to bump her cart. "Put your bifocals on you old bitch" this woman said. I was amazed at how everyone was more entertained and watching than concerned and about to step in. So, sizing up myself, the woman with the child and the older lady, I stepped in between them. "Why don't you take a moment to calm down. I am sure this can be resolved-" but I couldn't finish. Like most self loating, hateful people who project their anger onto the innocent and those more likely to just take it, she prevented me from continuing to talk. She was so close in my face, I could smell her breath. "What an example you are setting for your child. You must be so proud of yourself" I said. "Why don't you just get yourself out and walk away? Is that so hard? Figure out what the fuck you're REALLY angry about and GET CONTROL of yourself!" She stared at me a moment, the older woman calmed down a bit. I think the situation had run it course and the woman knew I was speaking reasonably.
Everyone kinda just diffused after that and went their own ways. I was wondering the rest of my shopping where the fuck the managers where. Do you notice a common theme in things that happen when your out at a store and the managers are MIA? It happens more than you think, or like it to be but I think, especially in my town, the management pool is crap. They're either teenagers, college students half hungover or an Adult trying to fit in with the kids and teens more than doing a good job.
Still, the point of me sharing this story is that I am sick and fucking tired of people who spit out their anger that they actually probably feel for themselves at someone who least deserves it. It is easy to spit at someone that you think or see as weak.

How many lies must a person tell themselves before they start believing them? If you have a problem with someone, talk with them and not through a third party. You can't expect someone to know something is wrong if you keep it inside and then let it explode on someone who would never see it coming. So I challenge you to take a look at your anger when you feel it and try to find out where it's REALLY coming from. Whose problem is it that you are angry and about to blow? The other person's? No. Get over yourself. Seriously, take control of your own anger and stop blaming everyone else that steps in your path. I know a few people in my life could certainly benefit from a little truth.

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