Monday, January 10, 2011

200 Lies a Day

It's no secret that we all lie. Daily. Most of the time, we don't even know we're doing it. A little white lie here, an embellishment there... who is it going to hurt, right? Well, to someone who has been lied to her whole life, her very existence one big fat lie; even the smallest lie can turn into something that is astronomical. It's like a snowball effect. One person tells a lie to another. Why? Well, lets say they have a personal grudge or jealousy toward them. Trying to get another to see it their way, a little lie won't hurt right? Wrong. This lie then gets tossed around, whispered down the lane and years later, ends up being something that is so blown out of proportion the person the lie is about (say ME, for example) never had a prayer to defend, stand up or set things right, let alone confront the jealous party and ask "why?" Any attempts from that point forward to mend fences, show the person that forgiveness is within reach is held in vain. Even the kindest written letter can be turned from that to a manipulative tactic because that is how it is desired to be seen. So you can't even reach out and try to create bridges when there is already fire underneath and motions in place to destroy it before it started. Children then become involved; used as weapons and puppets to hurt and scorn. THIS is where I draw the line. And others I have come to know as well, in my same situation, have drawn it too. Do what you want to me; say what you want. Hurt me, kick me, lie about me, spread your rumors and make up your dreams of what you think I am but never EVER use MY CHILD as a reason to hurt me. Or use your OWN for that matter. Anyone that will use their own child as a weapon is far too gone for help. Professional grade help is needed and those children will grow up just as hurt and confused about their parents more than anyone else. Children deserve the TRUTH. Not some fabricated, jealous lie that has someone so engulfed in themselves that they can't see what could happen down the road. You say terrible things about a child to their mother, you hold a young child accountable for problems that only the adults have created and expect others to not think you are absolutely out of your mind?

Be aware you are being lied to; at work, at home, at school. By your friends, your family, your co-workers or a total stranger. If you are told 200 Lies a day, what about life is honest?

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Symdaddy said...

I am tempted to say "That's a lie", but that really would be one.

I remember once reading about a man in Germany who was close to the scene of a Baader-Meihof assassination attempt. At first,his statement was "I was too far off to see properly". In later years during interviews it became "I was so close to the gunman but was just to late to stop him firing his weapon".

Embellished beyond belief.

I agree with you though, life surrounds us with lies and, to some extent, we are all guilty of an untruth or two.