Monday, January 24, 2011

Side by Side

I'm driving home late from work the other night on one of the routes closest and fastest to get me to my point of destination... I am quite content listening to my Michael Jackson (r.i.p), having made a great presentation to my boss's about the great need for social Media to be used in our Marketing Campaign when I come up to one of my biggest peeves on the road I have. EVER.  And no, it's not the stupid people who leave their gas tanks open after having visited the gas stations... its those people who drive side by side at the same exact speed and end up causing deadlock behind them.  Nobody can go anywhere because neither party wants to go any faster (or slower) than the other party.  Now, in my little world, the left lane is for PASSING.  So FUCKING PASS GOD DAMNIT! Instead, I get stuck behind Manny and Mac and they seemingly have no idea one is next to the other.

I just can't understand why people do this. It's like they have NO IDEA the other cars on the road even exist!! I can't stand it when someone stays next to me longer than  .5 seconds, how can you seriously drive next to someone for the duration of the highway??  This forces all the other cars on the road to drive side by side on both the left and the right lanes. It drives me BATTY!! Up a fuckin' wall. 

So I end up following behind these two cars, later at night, for at least ten miles before the guy next to ME Starts blowing his horn.  Now he's getting pissed and road rage is about to unfold. I start to hang back; I'm gonna watch.  As I hang back, the guy that WAS next to me takes my spot in the left lane and starts tailgating the Mofo like a bad lover.  He's blowing on his horn yet the driver STILL insists on driving side by side with the other car. Like they're in a slower version of the Daytona 500!!!  FINALLY though, eventually the driver in the left lane gets the message and its OFF TO THE RACES with the left lane with everybody and their mother with their fingers out their windows and horns blazing at both of them.

Wow, what a ride home from work THAT was.


Ruth said...

Ugh, as a learner driver (still, I have 60 hours to go) my biggest peeve is when I go to pass someone and they speed up and don't let me - especially when there is a CAR coming the OTHER WAY! Excuse me, I don't want to get hit. God....

Symdaddy said...

I drive up to 100 miles a day for my work and I see this EVERY day.

I fully understand your frustrations!

'Sunday drivers' have broadened their mandate and now every day of the week.

It's a sad, sad world we live in!

Alittlesprite said...

I hate Oblivious people. I just wanna smack em.