Sunday, January 2, 2011

A perfectly good tanning session ruined by....


Who on this green earth actually can STAND to listen to a valley girl talk? I just don't understand why they don't get punched in the face every time they open their mouths. Who really likes to talk that way? "Like, she said, and then I said, and he was like 'woah, oh my God, that's crazy! Totally!"

I was going in for my regular tanning session, since the winter is here and you can't hit the beaches too much in colder weather as much as I'd like (I like it to be 90 degree's for the beach). I have the great package, the extra awesome bed, with green leaves and bamboo in the room. Awesome. Relaxing and best 15 minuets you'll ever spend. That is... until Valley girl "Sue" comes into the place and starts talking to one of the girls at the counter about her, soon to be, New Years Eve night out and how she's "totally" going to "beat this bitch up" if she even so much as tries to talk to her. The entire time I was trying to relax, do a little breathing and enjoy my 15 minuets of self pampering, this bitch was talking non-stop about 'like this girl and like that girl and how like, she was like, totally gonna get beat down if she shows up at the bar'. I could have murdered someone. Imagine, being powerless, stuck in a tanning bed, having to listen to this stupid, airhead of a bitch go on and on about the most immature things and you just want to yell out "SHUT THE FUCK UP! This is MY TIME Bizotch!".

So I get out of my bed, get ready to go and she's STILL gabbing away about this girl she absolutely hates... I'm thinking "shit, I bet the feeling is mutual.. I hate you already!" As I walk up towards to counter to exit, I simply looked at the girl and said "It would be more courteous of you if you kept your voice down while others were trying to tan. That was the most annoying 15 minuets of my life. Thanks for ruining it."

She just looked at me. You know, like a deer looks into headlights. The woman she'd been talking to got all flushed in the face and tried not to laugh (because the entire time, she's been quietly trying to get her to STFU). I went to walk out, but then stopped. I turned. "Which bar are you going to tonight?"
She told me.
"Thanks," I said "I will make sure NOT to go there. Peace out".



Caren Gittleman said...

LOVE your STYLE girlfriend!!!

You gooooooooooo!!!!!

"Valley talk" makes me CRINGE!!

Rachel Mae said...

It's like nails on a chalkboard. I can't STAND IT!! LMAO Thanks, I am glad you enjoy the blog!

Ruth said...

Go you!!! I hate hearing that kind of talk - throwing in likes whenever there would be a comma....or not actually, they'd be putting commas where they shouldn't go!

Alittlesprite said...

LOL! What a rude bitch. Well done for telling her off.