Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Searching for Coupons

You're waiting in line. You've been in line for, what feels like, a half an hour. You FINALLY get to be second in line and the anal retentive person in front of you is the only thing standing between you, the register and getting the hell out of the store. The cashier tells "her" the total amount due... then, she pulls out her gigantic, over-filled, under-organized bag and starts to rummage through it. "I have a coupon for that in here somewhere.... I just need to find it".... the second I hear that, my blood pressure rises. I know that it is going to take her every moment of every second I need to get the hell outta there to find this blasted coupon, that is worth, what? .50 cents off the product? I get it, and love it, when someone is organized with their coupons when they can walk into a store, have them all ready and push their bill from $100 to $25 in .03 seconds! But when you have someone who is unorganized and just plain irritating, rummaging through their gigantic bag of a purse, looking for a coupon they most likely left at HOME, it makes me want to stick a fork in my eye. This action is completely disrespectful of those that stand in line behind you. They've been waiting just as long and deserve every opportunity to get the fuck out of the store as much as anyone else! So excuse me if I start tapping my toes, sighing obnoxiously loudly enough for the woman at the register to hear or coughing to let her know there ARE other people around who need to get moving.

And where the hell are the other cashiers when this happens? When a line starts going from the front of the store and wraps around three times, all due to someone who is hell bent of finding a piece of paper with numbers on it, why doesn't the manager/supervisor on duty call someone up to help relieve the pressure? When I can clearly see stupid little teenage workers just standing around, doing nothing! Punch in your code in the stupid register and get to work damnit!

And still... she's looking through her bag for her fucking coupons....


Alittlesprite said...

We don't have coupons here but I get ya. I hate it when you're next to be served and the person in front is taking way longer than nessessary to be served. Even more irritating if they start having a chat with the cashier...

Caren Gittleman said...

you soooo kill me!!! lol


Symdaddy said...

As the primary shopper in our house I have suffered like this many times.

Being British and therefore an experienced queuer I get through it without causing any physical damage to those around me.



Rachel Mae said...

@Symdaddy -doesn't it irritate the hell outta you when you know the trick and the trade of it and others just do what they do and are totally oblivious to others in their surroundings. I am constantly aware of what is going on around me, how I am effecting/contributing to it and always try to have an exit plan ready. So this just makes what you do, all that preparedness, almost a waste of time! I wish we had more shoppers like you in my town!!
BTW I will follow you're blog too!!Thanks for reading.

@Caren - You're so lovely, I adore having you here!

@Alittlesprite- What a thing for a mother to do! I couldn't think of a thing my son could do that would make me turn on him. Get him help, yes, but never turn like that. And it makes me want to explode when I hear stories like this when mothers do unimaginable things to their children. Especially if they're sick or hurting... terrible. But he found you and you are his rock now. Thank goodness for that! <3