Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Top Ten Things I Hate About YOU

  • 10) Your voice.  It's fake. Trying being authentic sometimes.

  •  9) You're obnoxious. Just like in your voice, your body language and the way you talk to people is flat out rude and demeaning. Trying being humble every now and then. Beauty is only skin deep.

  • 8) You have double standards.  You can get away with being a total cunt to whoever you want but when someone dished it back, you go running/crying to people and turn on the hold you have over people who are stupid enough to not see your evil.  You can't simply believe that you're entitled to do whatever the fuck you want to anyone and not expect them to give it back to you, can you?

  • 7) You judge people on things you have no right judging them on. Say, like being a parent when you don't even HAVE kids? WTF give you the right to judge ANYONE's parenting skills when you have no idea what being a parent even MEANS?

  • 6) You have no sense of self.  You do as the sheeple do.  Instead of being a leader, you part of the pack and do whatever it takes to keep you part of it. So if that means lying about someone, making up malicious reasons to be rude, mean and a total bitch to keep you in the group, you will do it.

  • 5) You have no standards of what it means to be a good person.  Instead of standing up and saying "you know what, this has gone too far, enough is enough" you delight in kicking someone the most when they're down.

  • 4) You're fake.  You pretend to be someones friend or loving family member all the while secretly holding behind the scenes horrific conversations about a person that has no grounds for what is being said. Giving the person no opportunity to stand up for themselves or tell you where you're wrong.

  • 3) You think you're always right. Even though you're stupid and young, you still think you know it all and that makes everything you know the right thing.  I've got news for you; you're about to learn some REALLY HARD lessons in the next 10 years and I hope that you get hurt so that you learn and feel the way you are unable to now.

  • 2) You're a cunt. By every definition of the word. You backstabb and lie.  You hurt beyond words without any feeling of remorse or understanding of what you have done. You pit people against each other that have no reason to be angry with one another. You lie, cheat and steal things that aren't yours.  You're a loudmouth who likes to rub salt in a very open wound.  You don't can about anyone else then yourself.  And you're a wolf in snakes clothing.

  • 1) You're YOU. Period. All the above mentioned things helped shape who you are. You have been taught well and therefore, just being you makes me hate you.  When you grow up and realize that those in your corner just aren't and you should have treaded more carefully, you will then have no one and that is what YOU deserve.


Ruth said...

Rah! I know a person like that! Since high school is finished I don't see them anymore, thank god!
Worst thing - we played sport at the same place, but different nights. When she found out I went there, she changed training groups *shudder*. She doesn't go to that now either.

Symdaddy said...

Good grief!

You know me soooooooooooooo well!!!

Rachel Mae said...

@Ruth At least you don't have to see her anymore. I, sadly, still have to see her every once and a while since we live in the same area (about) and tend to bump into each other. But if I could burn her off the face of the earth, I totally would.

@Symdaddy Glad you liked this one!