Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Webs Spun Begun

Don't you hate people who can turn the nicest, most innocent gesture into something it really isn't? It's call "Spinning" and I know a few people who can spin a web so terrible it'll captivate and catch some of the smartest people I know. In fact, it's caught some of my loved ones and torn them away from me as a result of the web of lies. It's disgusting to me how a simple photograph can turn into a complete argument. And we're talking a photograph not unlike two puppies sleeping together in a basket. No harm done right? WRONG! With these "twisted sisters", you can rest assured anything you do in good faith and out of love will be turned into a dramatic, unbelievable piece of manipulative tactic that is dreamt up and then drilled into the web for everyone to feed on.

It's a sad thing when someone can't think for themselves. Or that they are so fearful of their own feelings and actions they let others control them. What ever happened to standing up for what is really right? Allowing someone to be treated like a piece of shit for so long, standing by and doing nothing yet when it is time for someone to take a stance, you go with the group and have no opinion or voice of your own. You're a puppet of the web spinners. The words coming out of your mouth are not even your own! It's robotic and practiced as if they stood in front of mirrors rehearsing like they were lines on a script. Well, life is unpredictable and not everybody is evil, terrible, hurtful and vain. I happen to be, despite my rantings on here, a kind, caring, loving person who always wanted to be accepted into her family. But my family had other plans for me and, behind my back, conspired to ruin me, my confidence and made sure that when they were finished, I would have next to no one.

For what reason? This I am still trying to figure out. I've thrown birthday parties, baby showers, put vacations on hold so that everyone could be included yet I was always left out. So I ask you; someone who is innocent should not have to be subject to such cruelty, right? Then why do the innocent suffer in webs spun of lies and brainwashing?


Alittlesprite said...

I understand. Next month I will be going out to lunch with my little sister (who I havent seen for a year) AND my older brother and sister (Who I havent seen since my wedding in '09, my brothers wife and kids didnt even come to my wedding!) They have never bothered to call me on my birthday, or involve me in their or their childrens birthday celebrations, or Christmas. I invited them to every one of my sons birthdays and they never showed. They never once visited my house when I was a single mother, living on my own. A few years ago when they were having a dissagreement with my parents, somehow I got blamed for being the "Favourite", even though I wasnt there to defend myself. They had this whole "poor little me" attitude and totally left me out, like they are still doing. And now with this lunch, because its been my little sister who organised it (Who is the GOLDEN child and can do NO wrong), she's said "jump" and every one asks "How high?" It makes me so mad.

Rachel Mae said...

THank goodness I am not the only one who feels this pain. Thank you for sharing. I have to constantly tell myself "It's not you". Every tiny good faith gesture I made would be turned into something horrific when it was as simmple as a Christmas Card. It sickens me because I know there are people in the backgroud orchestraiting it... and there is not a damn thing I can do about it. I never, and will never, had a chance to say my peace or defend myself. My path was choosen for me before I even knew it had to be choosen.

Symdaddy said...

I've been there and know what you mean, but I'm past the point of caring now.

My skin has thickened to a rhino-like hide and these days most of the 'knives' that come my way just bounce off.

Although I've been shunned by my 'nearest & dearest' I don't return the compliment.

At times though I do take pleasure in having them squirm their way out of invites. Especially those that I had arranged KNOWING that they had no other plans.

They never issue invitations themselves and never turn up when invited.

I reckon I must of committed some heinous act and they are punishing me the only way they know how.

Rachel Mae said...

You may not have even done a thing. Some people thrive on outcasting and hurting those they view as "the weakest link". At least, that was what it was in my case. My family viewed my as meek and weak and pretended to love me for YEARS all the while, having dinner table conversations about how to get rid of me. Any gesture I made; an invitation, a hug, a smile or a gift, was spun into something that was twisted. I had done nothing. And if I did, they never cared enough to TELL ME when I messed up so I could make it right. So, in essance, some people are just set up to fail in these situations as there is nothing you can do when you know nothing. Good for you for growing your thick skin. I am in the process of thickening mine...