Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year My Ass

Why is it that when you try to get away from Drama, it follows you? Well, my friends, it is just as simple as the people you know. Surround yourself with Drama Queens and drama will follow.

It's no secret now that my husband and I have decided to separate. It's a separation, not a divorce. I see the possibility of a reconciliation in the future if we use this time wisely, but what ticks me off is that his absentee mother, who hasn't been apart of his life since he was 7 years old (emotionally) all of a sudden has an opinion and had to put my name into her mouth. First off, take my name and spit it out. I am of no concern to you. Nor do you have any right to swoop in now and use this time as your way back "in". I have cautioned my husband to her manipulative ways, how she has told him terrible things in the past and does nothing but degrade him. He, for one, of all these years, NEVER wanted anything to do with her. Take me out of the picture and BAM! She's back! Seems like I was the only one holding him together emotionally because now, his Mommy dearest is trying to "rescue him" from the big bad Rachel that left. Filling his head with doubts about my character, saying things like "she gets up and leaves you when things get rough... what do you think she'll do if you get back together and things get tough again?". Um- EXCUSE ME Bitch, but who the hell told you I just up and left without careful consideration or MAJOR thoughts about it? One does not simply stand up one day, in a happy marriage, and leaves for the hell of it. Ok, maybe some bitches do but not this one. I gave YEARS of my life trying to figure out what I was doing wrong, how I could change things to make things work... it took a year to figure out I wanted to leave and then ANOTHER to muster up enough guts to actually DO IT. So please don't go telling people, who ever will listen to your manic ass, that I just got up and left your baby boy because we got into a fight and I ran. No honey, things are a little more different and if you had been a better part of his life; more loving and caring than the money hungry whore you are, maybe he would have had a fighting chance IN a relationship.

She connects love with money. So when my husbands father died at age 10, she made SURE she married "up" and "wealthy" no matter the cost. The cost was? Well, anything my husband did was never good enough to catch her support or attention. He could be an alter boy, an eagle scout and perfect student and she never saw in him the gem that he is. But her new husbands kids could steal, cheat, lie, wreck the house, have parties, steal family jewels and THEY were showered with love and affection, even to this DAY!

I am not the only one who knows this about her. All of my husbands friends have received ill treatment from her because either they're "different" (please, define that for me), black or "crazy"... no I think she needs to take a good look at herself and figure out who the crazy one is. Grant it, my husband did know a few nut jobs out there, but who doesn't run into them once or twice in a lifetime? I know I have had my share! Still, after talking with some mutual friends about my new dilemma, they all are pretty conclusive and said "yeah, this was bound to happen. Now she can come in and be the lady in his life".... according to my husband, he wants me to be that lady... yet now she is using every manipulative tactic under her power to reel him into her and away from me. Which is fine. If he is not strong enough to be an adult and say "thanks mom for your concern, but Rachel and I are going to figure this out on our own" then he's not the one for me anyway and off I go.

I thought this New 2011 would bring me some sort of peace after the hell I'd just gone through with liars and other manipulators but it seems I still have quite a way ahead of me to rid myself of all these dysfunctional people in my life. I have to. My son is too precious not to do it.


Ruth said...

What she is doing is outrageous - she has no right to be so interfering especially when she sounds so ignorant!! I hope 2011 does improve for you despite all this!

Rachel Mae said...

I hope so too. I find her to be totally unreasonable and difficult not to mention a total headtrip on my husband. It irritates me that she's been out of his life for so long and then all of a sudden, she's just there. Why? Why do you gotta go make Drama when things were going well??

Alittlesprite said...

WOW. This woman sounds exactly like my Husbands mother. I mean, exactly. I know what you are going through. I'm so sorry you and your hubby are going through this hard time. I hope you are able to sort things out.
My husband had childhood leukemia and then had a heart attack at 16. A couple of weeks after he came home from hospital after the attack the bitch kicked him out onto the streets, (after her boyfriend beat the shit out of him). Then proceeded to ring every single person they knew and told them he tried to stab her and other horrible untrue stories so that they would'nt take him in. After a night sleeping at a train station he eventually made his way to one homeless shelter she had NOT rung. Now she is living in the same town as us and has a relationship with his little sister and her family. So whenever we go over to their place, SHE is there to. We despise her.