Monday, November 22, 2010

Asshole Parents

I, by no means, like to think of myself as "the perfect parent". Hell, I've only been at it for... oh, what? 5.5 years? Who am I to judge a parent and their choices? But when you put your kid in obvious danger, then you are, what I like to call the "asshole parent".

Case in point;

Driving down the road the other day, I came to a stop sign. I was on the way to a marketing meeting. I follow the rules of the road. Stay for 3 seconds and take that time to look left, right and left again. When I look to my left, I saw a tiny car and thought nothing of it... until I took a longer look. And there, in the road was, not one but TWO of those stupid (yes I call them stupid) little kiddie cars that parents think it is such a grand idea to let a three year old get behind the wheel of a mechanical device, not to mention let two of them go down the middle of the road where cars are KNOWN to speed down that very hill. It would be impossible for someone who was speeding to stop in enough time to not collide with the children. So, I fore go heading to my meeting and turn to my left. I think, "somebody has GOT to tell these kids to get out of the street!" I am SURE somewhere in the manual it says "not to be used on the open road" but for "asshole parents", who reads directions and follows them anyway?

As I get closer and approach the rear car I am astonished at what I see... this was not a child in the "car", but rather the FATHER of the one leading the parade! The PARENT stuffed inside the child-sized jeep made for 5-10 year olds. I take a gander at the little girl driving her Barbie Car, at a slow 5 miles an hour, which I am pretty such is illegal to have a vehicle on the road that cannot go any faster than 10. Still, I am absolutely STUNNED at what I witnessed and followed behind as I was afraid to pass the 7 year old driving her itty-bitty car in the middle of the street.... not even following traffic control rules or regulations. As they turn down the street and out of sight, I thank my lucky stars I have a husband that at least knows that putting a child behind the wheel of a motorized vehicle is never a good idea. Especially in the middle of the street.

Asshole Parents; I see you. You're the type that use children as weapons. The type that let your kids bully and manipulate other children so they grow up thinking the world is theirs to take. You're the parents that teach your children to lie when it's good for them, even if it is at someone else's expense. And you're the type I can't stand because you're actually no parent at all. You're a puppet for your child's playtime. Congratulations. You've begun to sabotage our future.

F You.


Alittlesprite said...

This is one topic that gets me steamed up! There is a house round the corner (We can see it from our back dining room) that I witness terrible neglect every day. I think there are four kids, ranging in age from 7 to toddler. Every afternoon these kids are running round the street, throwing things on the road, taking their baby brother for a walk in a stroller down the middle of the road. There is no sight of the mother at all. I am constantly left shaking my head. I really feel like calling child services.
Back where we used to live our neighbour was the BIGGEST asshole you have ever come across. And yeah his kids were assholes to because of it. From the time he came home from work, to well into the night he would be literally screaming at these kids. My husband and I had one or two altercations with them and because of that he taught his kids that it was ok to destroy our property. Because those kids got nothing but abuse from him, they jumped at the chance of doing something he approved of, even if it was the wrong thing. Then he would be all "Daddy of the year" whenever someone was over the house. He would get the kids out on the street, riding around on a small motorbike. Once we came home from the shops and nearly ran over one of the kids because she decided to dart out in from of our car on her bike. My hubby leaned over the fence at the man (who was totally oblivious, mowing his yard) and asked him to keep his kids off the road or to watch them, and the guy went ballistic. He was came into our yard and was going to punch my hubby! The wife/mother was just as bad, a total bogan with the fowlest mouth on her. We even called the police on them and they said there was nothing they could do. We were so glad when we moved away.

Alittlesprite said...

p.s. sorry for the book-long comment.. lol ;)

Rachel Mae said...

No THANK YOU FOR the long comment! I am glad I am not the only one who see's "Asshole Parents". Sometimes I wonder if I pass judgment too quickly... some things are just way too difficult to turn a blind eye to. I wonder about the police and why there isn't much they can do about these type of situations... Back in the old centuries, villages would have a creed "It takes a town to raise a child" and everyone would help; from food gathering, to making clothes to raising and providing support and education for the children. It is so far gone from those days I sometimes think I was born in the wrong century.

What a situation you were in. I would certainly have been counting down the days until I moved away if I were you. The best thing for you is knowing you did what you could to help the kids... sadly I agree that kids in these situation end up growing up to be just like their parents... assholes.