Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Look the Fuck Up!

Alright, this really pisses me off.

I can't count on both my hands how many times I've been stopped at a bus stop as the passengers get off the bus, or trolley or whatever the fuck and, instead of taking the crosswalk or looking both ways before crossing the street, they just walk right out into the street. Some are on the phone, some are texting or tweeting. Whatever they're doing, it can't WAIT until you get safely across the stress? No no no, you jump off the bus, cross the street looking at the ground and walk as slowly as possible to the other side. Why did the chicken cross the road? NOT to get hit by a car, THATs for fucking sure.

I know I know I know. I am the driver. I am the one in control of the car. So why is it totally ok for people to be completely lacking in brain function when they're about to cross the street? I teach my child to "stop, look and listen", hold my hand and keep looking as he crosses the street... what is so hard about this concept for adults to keep in mind?

Ok so the other day I was headed to a Doctors appointment. I was at a stop sign. I saw a young woman to my left walking, slowly mind you, on a cell phone. Something in my gut told me that she wasn't going to stop, look and listen and was just going to walk right out, keep talking and slowly walk across the street on her cell phone. And that is exactly what she did. She never looked up. She never stopped. I am not even completely sure that she even knew she was walking into the street. All I know is that street rules and regulations just don't apply to pedestrians anymore.

The only satisfaction I ever got was about a year ago when a man who was jaywalking, got hit by a car in a parking lot. Thankfully it WAS a parking lot so the car was moving under any significant miles per hour and it was just a bump, but when the police got to the scene, not only did they give the driver a ticket but they gave the pedestrian a citation for jaywalking! Bam! Take that bitches! When my friend (who is an officer) told me this, I was giddy to hear that FINALLY the idiot who was more dumber than a chicken who crosses a street got a kick in the ass for his part in creating a hazardous situation.

So is it too much to ask for people to Look the Fuck Up when you get off the bus and cross the street? Please?! It annoys the fucking hell outta me. Just makes me want to slam on the gas and scare the shit out of you so that you never look down again.

Keep your chin up, Bitches.

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