Monday, November 29, 2010

"I am Thankful for..."

My family has this tradition at Thanksgiving... we call it "I am Thankful For...". We place everyone's name into a hat and each person at the dinner table pick a name. You have through dinner time to think of some things that make you "thankful" for that particular person. The only thing about this "wonderful" tradition is that it is plain, old fashioned BULLSHIT. Some people have seriously NO CLASS or sense of feeling for another person as the "popular" ones start trading among themselves different names. "I'll give you mine if you give me yours"... so what does that tell me? You simply cannot find ONE SIMPLE THING about that person's name on that little piece of paper that you are THANKFUL for? Are you FUCKING kidding me? Shit, if I got your name, I would be more than happy to thank you for your "blatant honesty, even when it comes to making someone feel like a total piece of shit..." I would beg to differ about who the piece of shit actually is.

This has always amazed me. I never liked the tradition because of how petty it was. If someone didn't get a person they really didn't like, they would TRADE until they got someone they could be Thankful for. I know I can think of reasons why each person in my family was special to me, but others can't? Are people so shallow and self absorbed that you can't think over your own selfishness? This whole act, to me, is so insulting. Who wouldn't be insulted if it was YOUR name being traded from person to person until someone finally can make up some "bullshit" answer about why they're "thankful" for you.

Thankful my ass.


Alittlesprite said...

I agree. Geez! Grow some big hairy balls and just say what you need to people!
I can understand why you hate this. I hate shallow and fake people.

Rachel Mae said...

LMAO! Well Said my dear!!

Thus is why I do not, and will never, take part in this ever again.