Monday, November 1, 2010


The first poll of My Bitchography is closed! Thank you to all voters who helped make my first poll, though a tiny one, what I consider a success! I find the results to be very interesting.

It was a tie for first place between "Liars" and "People that talk about you behind your back". This is understandable as you can make the connection between people that talk about you behind your back and are nice to your face as actually being a form of Liar. So this makes perfect sense to me and you, too.

Up following closely tied in second place are "Stupid People" and "Backstabbing Bitches". One could argue that these, too, could also be connected in away as Backstabbing Bitches are pretty Stupid People. What goes around, comes around. Keep that in mind, BsB's! On the other hand, they're totally different subjects and I can see how difficult it would be to pick between the two. A good show of hand for the silver medal!

"Terrible Drivers" "Someone Stealing your Parking Space" and "Hateful People" all come in for the bronze together. The first two are obviously connected and not connected in the same regard. However, I find "Hateful People" being a little out of place here. I am curious why this didn't get more votes to at least go along with "Backstabbing Bitches" and "Stupid "People". Perhaps more votes would have given "Hateful People" the extra push it needs, but hey, I am just glad that we all agree that "Hateful People" are one of the most irritating things that Piss Us Off!!

Finally, coming in Forth with 1% of the votes are "Teenagers". This, obviously coming from my older readers but I do have to say, even AS a teenager myself, I hated them. They can be some pretty awful creatures. You have some really good kids out there that are given a bad rap by the ones who put up Facebook Pages just to terrorize someone literally to death. This is a growing problem, and one that needs to be stopped at all costs. This is why, along with "Teenagers", I vote in "Uninvolved Parents" to go along with them. Because, as I have said before, "It all starts at home, ladies and gentleman".

Getting no votes, and with good reason (because it was a trick questions) are "Opening the Fridge to Find no Milk", "Shopping at the Market" and "Secrets". Why? Well, we all do these things purposely so we really can't get too angry about them. We all have our secrets (for good reason's too), we have to shop at the market (no matter how irritating it can get) and I think it is safe to say that we're all guilty of leaving an empty bottle of something in the fridge (be-it Milk, Soda, OJ or whatever). So Kudos to you all for not falling for it!!

Being that this was my first poll, I am excited it got some attention. Not much but I had no expectations. I am happy as a Bitch in a gossip group that some people took the time to vote. Keep coming back for more each month as we delve deeper into more Bitchin' Polls!

Thanks Bitches!!

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