Monday, November 8, 2010


We've all been there. We need to get into the store and get out in a hurry. You're as patient as can be, given the circumstances you are a half hour late to a meeting, still have to pick up the coffee for the boss and get gas to make to town. But the cashiers behind the counter have other plans.

I know Corporations are trying to get extra, impulse sales from the customers at the front desks, but seriously, when someone tells you "No thank you" when you ask if they're interested in opening up a card, sign-up for reward coupons or your email address, why press the issue? It just will piss the person in a hurry off and make them later.

I have one objection in this situation. Get in. Grab my shit. Get in line. Pay for it and Get out. Period. This morning, I needed a book for a meeting I was already running late for, still needing to pick up the management team our morning goodies to get us sugared up and ready for the day. So when I got to the counter to pay, I just wanted to pay and be on my way. The cashier did her job and asked me if I had a Special Readers Club Card. I said I did but not on me. She says "I can look it up for you by email". Knowing how long my personal email is and that it would be difficult to tell her without having to repeat myself a billion times, I smile and say "no thanks, I'm kinda in a rush". She says " I look up 20 emails sometimes! I doesn't take me long". At this point, I have already said kindly, no thanks but she keeps at me. I am getting agitated but remain calm. "How much for the book?" I ask. She then says "You might get some percentage off if I can find your Readers Club Card". Ok lady. NO! I fucking wanted to pay and LEAVE. "No thanks, can you please tell me how much so I can get going?" She tells me about $20, I give her my money and wait for my change. The entire fucking time she is counting out my change, she just won't Shut the Fuck Up about how fast it can be to look up my account through my email. The fact is, lady, that I don't shop here enough to give a shit and now, I dread having to go back again for next months run.

I know you're suppose to ask these questions when you work in a department store, bookstore, or whatever store to drive sales, but when you push too much you can go too far. There is a point where you just say "ok, well thank you for shopping and I hope you come back soon."

Seriously, this bitch set me back another five critical minuets and could have cost me some real good reputation I have with my bosses. I made sure I had extra coffee, doughnuts and breakfast items for this mornings meeting to glaze over the fact that I walked in at exactly the moment the meeting began. Though I wasn't late technically, I like showing up 15 minuets early to set up and get ready for my talking points. I was not organized with my shit because of some lady who wouldn't Shut the Fuck Up when someone says "no Thank You".


Caren Gittleman said...


I experience this ALL of the time! It drives me insane and you covered this one impeccably!!

At dept stores I just tell them believe me you do NOT want me getting a card because I have NO MONEY and I will be rejected after all of the time you are taking to check my credit etc.

Thanks for saying what has been on my mind many, many times!

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Alittlesprite said...

If she was smart she would have read your body language and realised that you were in a hurry and just served you and let you be on your way. I was once a check-out chick and I could read what my customers needed. If they wanted a chat, I'd chat, if they were in a hurry, I'd get their shit in the bag and get 'em on through.

Rachel Mae said...

Thanks Alittlesprite!! That's my total point! If I wasn't in such a hurry, I would have had no problems playing "20 questions" to find my membership card. This particular day, I just didn't have it and it was VERY noticeable by my body language AND the words I was using to END the conversations.