Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fickle Fickle America

'The Change We Need!"

Just a short two years ago, the American people stood up and said "Enough of the same! We need change!" and voted into the office of the President of the United States its first democrat in 8 years and its very first black man. A gigantic step indeed! We stood hand-in-hand across the Nation with a message that was loud and clear. We needed help from our Government to end the suffering, the corporate corruption and troubles that hit the housing market and left a lot of families homeless or shuffled into the mix; forgotten.

Just a meek two years later, we're now changing our minds? With the rise of the "Tea Party" who stands to change backwards 100 years to those ideals and ideas (the very thing we were voting AGAINST when we sung President Obama into office) we're now saying we have had enough of the Democrats and want the "Tea Party Republicans" to fix the problems? Fickle. Fickle American.

Do we not understand that time is needed to gain any type of huge change? We will not see the fruits of any labor if we are so short in our patience. And by "flip flopping" from one party to another, it shows a lack of faith we have in ourselves to make a decision and STICK WITH IT. Are we so unsure and scared that we don't realize the true power we DO have?

The Republican and Democratic parties each have their wackos and extremists (Christine O'Donnell anyone?) who are ill advised about parts of our constitution and the true meanings behind what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they signed the famous document. The people had more power then and their say matter more than it does today... or so we are led to believe.

Fuck that! We are the United States of America and we have a LOT to say! We say "don't take my home because Banks and Government got greedy and I am your victim!" "keep your hands off my retirement money because I earned it and your corporate corruption is your problem, not mine!" "don't tell me my child with cancer can't get health care because she has a 'preexisting condition!" "Don't make the elderly have to work all the way up to the day of their death to keep health care, benefits and money flowing. Let us have our golden years!".

How on earth can we expect, or hope to accomplish, these above statements if we keep changing our minds?! We'll never get anywhere if we don't give the President, his House and Senate a chance to work together, without sabotage, and get the job done in a reasonable amount of time. Face it. The President is a powerful position, but it doesn't come with a Magic Wand that fixes 8 years of corruptions and Dick Cheney's poor aim. If it took 8 years to destroy the economy, wouldn't it be only logical to expect it to take at least that long to restore it?

America, be patient and stand on your feet. Stand up with your beliefs. Don't cave when things seem down because we've got to go down before we can get back up again.

God. Bless. America.


Ruth said...

mmm, we had a similar sort of situation with our Prime Minister. I think Kevin Rudd was the first in a long time (maybe the first ever) to not make it through his first term. The public lost confidence in him, the labour party voted in a new leader. Now we have Gillard. Then we almost have our first hung parliament since WWII.
We are a nation of undecided voters.

Rachel Mae said...

I suppose it is only human nature to be so undecided! Good to hear that the U.S. is not the only ones struggling with decision making. Thanks for the comment, Ruth! You're a great contributor!