Monday, November 15, 2010

Where is your turning signal?

Driving down the road, I'm following this slow, old Lincoln of which I know who is behind the wheel. I don't have to explain myself any more than that, I think we all can agree who was driving this infamous car.

Anyway, I am following at a safe distance. I like to keep two car lengths between myself and the car in front of me. For this reason exactly: turn signals. Who the hell uses them properly anymore? In my states drivers handbook, you MUST signal for at least a reasonable amount of length between the turn you are about to make and your current position. Why does this rule apply only to me? I swear, how many people have I cussed out because I will be following them and then they have this "oh shit" moment where they realize they have to turn and do so ever so slowly. It would be one thing if they turned quickly because the traffic flow behind them isn't slowing down because... well, we're NOT mind readers! We don't know you are planning to turn ahead!! The world cannot revolve around you, you fucknut! Give us the opportunity to break, slow up and let you turn without rear ending your ass because you failed to tell us you were turning! And you know what the BEST part of this whole thing is? That if I were to be the one to rear end one of these assholes, it would be MY FAULT in the eyes of the law. I am suppose to have control over my vehicle at all times, including when asshole in front of me decides to turn without notice and causes some serious road rage after the fact.

I know, cussing the driver out is not effective. They can't hear you. But sometimes a good "FUCK YOU!" gets the feeling off your chest after you've just avoided a crash due to someone driving and their brain being in outter space.

I find it equally aggravating when someone turns their signal one only when they begin to make their turn. Dude, THAT doesn't COUNT!! You can't put your signal on as you are making the turn just so you can say "I had my signal on". Sure, yeah, you did. But you didn't have it on for the correct duration of space and time required by law asshole!! You put peoples lives in danger because your brain is out thinking about your next SS check or what you're going to buy for dinner later on this week. Or, worst of all, your brain just isn't think about anything at all, not even the task at hand and therefore, you put MORE lives in danger and that's just not cool.

One day, you will turn without a signal and either hurt yourself or someone else... only then will that be your wake up call...


Alittlesprite said...

I hate people who think they are the only person on the road, or that everyone else must give way to them. MY pet hates are people who change lanes in the middle of a round-about, and people who cut across the middle of the road when turning a corner, especially when I am driving up to it and they nearly plow head on into me. GGRRR... And DON'T get my hubby started on Tailgaters..

Rachel Mae said...

Oh I hear you! There are so many stupid drivers out there. You summed it up quite right: they think they are the only person on the road and everyone should yield to them. It is sooo aggrivaiting!! I could write about 50 blog articles on different ways people tick me off while driving!!