Friday, December 3, 2010

It's the most Fucked up Time of the Year!

Yes, I am talking Christmas. Spare me your Euell-tide greetings, fake hugs and gifts. I know this is all just a showcase of who can buy the most to make themselves look the best and there-for, the most loved. Pah-lease. You sicken me.

Not to mention this season never brings out the best in our fellow human-beings either. Pushing, shoving, fighting in the toy store for that stupid little ELMO that their kid HAS to have or they'll simply die. Really? REALLY? Of Elmo-withdraw? I know I want to give my precious child everything I can for Christmas, but I'm not about to push, shove and elbow someone else to get it! "Please" and "Thank you" have been forgotten and have been replaced with "get the fuck out of my way bitch!" and "I was in line first!". So much for patience, kindness and caring that the season was built on (besides the mythical Character of Santa Claus that wiggles his nose and his fat ass can fit down any size chimney to put gifts under a Christmas Tree that ignite thousands of house fires a year!). The spirit of Santa Claus is NOT mystical, however. He stands for giving, kindness and thoughtfulness that we humans tend to forget all year round until, WHOOPS! It is Christmas! Time to get gifts for everybody (even if we don't like them, it is politically correct). Well no, how about you just suck up your guts, grow a pair and just be a nice person for once? Or is that too much to ask?

I love Christmas and it's season... with my FAMILY. and I am talking just my SMALL, unique family that hold my trust which consists of really only 6 people (including two friends I call family). Otherwise, the rest of them can fuck off because it's a competition and not a holiday of love, joy and togetherness. If I was not given ONE gift for Christmas but knew I was loved, that would be enough for me. But for some, getting the gift is their confirmation to their insecurities that they are loved. Well... there might be a reason for that but... that's another blog post.

Anyway, for real reasons, I hate this holiday season. People kick and scream, yell and bitch and moan. Some people actually have the gaul to tell someone "I don't like this gift, do you have a gift receipt so I can take it back and get something I do like". SERIOUSLY. I kid you not. I have seen it happen!! I am astonished at some peoples inability to take a gift for the thought behind it and not the product itself.

Then again, that might be asking too much...


Caren Gittleman said...

beautifully stated!!!!
Soooooo true!!

do you know I have NEVER returned a gift in my life??? My mother used to do it all the time and I remember how it used to hurt me so much. I feel if someone put in the effort to pick something out for me and to buy it I can have the appreciation and consideration to keep it!

Rachel Mae said...

OHOH! And Caren, I forgot the "regifting" gift!! How insulting is THAT?! And I'm watching morning news programs saying it's the "right thing to do". Yeah? Well, chances are, the person who gave the orginal gift will find out. My Ma once gave her boss at $300 certificate to a real fancy resturaunt for Xmas. Two year later, he regifts it to her sister!! D'oh!!!! No expiration, so my Ma got her money back (sorta) but still, how stupid can ya get?!!?

Caren Gittleman said...

OMG Rachel that is beyond stupid!!!!!

I just love you because you SAY EVERYTHING that I think!!!