Friday, December 17, 2010

A Father's Letter

The Guest Blog has already received numerous emails!! I found the following letter from a single father of a new baby girl to be the most touching. Written before the child was born, this father explains his fears and excitements as he waits for his baby girl to arrive.

Hey Princess! I'm writing you this letter a month before you are due to be born. I'm gonna save this for you until you are older so you can appreciate this more. So I hope you enjoy it!!

It's a crazy feeling while waiting to become a parent. I'm so excited, scared, but most of all happy while waiting for you to join our world. Its such an amazing feeling to honestly love someone so much without even seeing your face yet!! I just know you are gonna be so adorable and grow up to be a beautiful woman. Let me apologize before hand for chasing away all your boyfriends and being so protective of you. A father just can't help it! I want you to know that I already love you with all my heart. I always wanted a child and to become a father. I'm also glad it happened with your mother. Me and your mom have tried before and even though you were a suprise to us, we both wanted you more than you could ever possibly imagine. When we found out we were gonna have a baby everyone we told said they hope we have a girl. Your mom wanted a little girl and so did I. Luckily thats exactly what God had planned for us too! Soon as we found out about you we went out and got all these cute pink outfits to dress you in and this only added to our excitment waiting for you.

I am ready to be the one to guide you through this life. I will always be there for you no matter what. Im gonna protect you and provide for you everything I can. Mostly you will always receive my love. Its so amazing knowing that I had a part in making who you are and what you wil eventually look like. It's been unreal watching your mom getting bigger as you keep growing inside of her. I remember the first time I felt you kicking inside of her and I will be there to watch you be born. Hopefully your dad doesnt faint! Its been a long nine months and we are almost there!!

So I must admit my reasons for writing all this for you. As you get older you will learn that life isnt always the easiest thing and its not always full of happiness. Don't get me wrong, life isnt all bad, it's just that everyone has their problems that must be dealt with and its all about how we learn to deal with them. Me and your mom each have our own personal demons that we have to deal with on a daily basis. For myself, I can never be the father I am or could be if I dont deal with my own. I want you to know that because of you I choose each day not to falter along the way. I want to see you take your first steps and hear you speak for the first time. I want to be be there when you go to school for the first time and be there when you graduate college. Im promising you today that I will be there for you and will never break my promises to you.

I know this statememnt may be hard for you to understand, but you have played a big part in me helping myself save my life. Only I can do that for me you understand. But even so, You have given me the motivation, courage, and willingness it takes to finally battle my own personal demons head on, and like I said I will not let you down or ever stop fighting and give up.

So I would like to say thank you to you for bringing so much joy into my life. And always know that I love you now and will forever after.



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Alittlesprite said...

What a lovely letter!
I have done this to. Every year on my sons birthday I wrote him a letter and have put it away for him to read when he is older. I also kept the birthday cards unopened that he was too young to appreciate.