Friday, December 3, 2010


"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned..."

No phrase written on the face of the earth could not have been more true. And believe me, a woman doesn't necessarily get scorned by her lover. She is lied to and back stabbed by her best friends, her family and sometimes, she is her own worse enemy. Backing a scorned woman into a corner is bound to have some most violent and turbulent consequences. I have had a lifetime of lies thrown at me, as we all well know, by people I trusted with my life. And in doing so, I lost parts of my life I can never get back and wish I had followed that little voice in my head that said "don't listen to her, she isn't telling you the whole story". When you trust blindly as I, you are destined to become a furious, scorned woman. There are parts of me that throw up my past and let the wind take it away. "See you never!" I would say. Then, there is the other part of me; the anger and betrayal that I feel, that wants my revenge. My Fury can't get me what I want. To tell her she's a bitch, that she is a perfect example of WHY I do not trust anyone. If someone is so powerful that their lies are able to craft someone else's main existence then there is nothing one can do about it; unless they realize their problem as physiological and seeks professional help. But I doubt that. People in "power positions" like this tend to feed off the high they gain after they tell their lies and they are believed.

So go on with yourself. You've tried to take me down and tried to ruin me. You have only made me more aware of myself, my priorities and truth in love and lies. I know how to read people and their true intentions. Thanks to you, no one can be fake to me; because I have known fakeness my entire life. Go pity on yourself. Feel "sorry" for what you didn't do... blame yourself to those who will listen. I know it is just an act and you feel nothing. In the end, I believe your goal is to be alone. Now that I am out, who is next to go?

You've got to pick someone....

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