Sunday, December 5, 2010


I hate watching a movie with someone who has a big mouth and has already seen it one hundred times to the point where they know the script front to back. So what was almost a fun movie experience turns into a blabbering nightmare of "oh wait, here comes the good part" and quoting the punch line before it actually is punched. I know who I would like to punch in that particular situation. Seriously... if you have seen a movie and want to watch it again, do so with tact PLEASE. Must you HAVE to show how nerdy you really are by quoting the movie all the way? No please, spare me your knowledge. I'll be more likely to walk away and watch the movie alone than have Happy Know-it-all tell me the story line by line!!

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Alittlesprite said...

My Hubby forgets that he's watched a tv show and I havent, and tells me what happens in it. He doesnt do it on purpose but it's still