Saturday, December 4, 2010

Old People Lie too!

Alright, so I am waiting in line for a prescription for my son who has a terrible ear infection. I have one woman in front of me (besides the one at the counter). Then, her "friend" appears, all old white hair, big fat black sun glasses, long coat WAY too warm for the weather down here... They get to talking. I'm thinking to myself "If this old bat tries to get in front of me I swear..." . The old woman who approached her friend said something about me being behind her, to which to other old fart says "you're with me". I'm thinking "oh HELL NO. You fucking old bitch, your time is not any more valuable than mine!" But I wait. I wait and give the old "ladies" the benefit of the doubt. Never do that! Then, the person at the counter leaves and up walks the line jumper. Oh I couldn't hold my tongue any longer. "Excuse me" I said "I believe I was before you". The other old fucker says "she's with me." "Oh really?" I ask, "are you buying your prescriptions together?" and they give me a look that could have shot me cold "yeah" and turn, shaking their heads at me. Here's the problem. She wasn't buying her prescriptions at the same time, she fucking LINE jumped ahead of me because I'm young, I'm pretty and she thinks the world owes her a big fat everything on a silver platter.
After the line jumper steps out of line, so did I and I got right in her face "You lied." I said "You bold face lied. You're time is no more precious than mine you old fucker. I have a five year old at home in agony. Let that rest on your conscience. And if you can lie to a complete stranger like this, what on earth can you do to those closest to you? Fuck off".

Can you tell I was pissed? Maybe I could have been a little more tactful but it boils my blood when others think they are more important than the other, without knowing anything about them. It's a "I'm in my own world" world these days. Step out of your bubble people are realize that there are people out there around you're "world" that are JUST as important.

My two cents on that subject. I fucking hate liars. And I hate OLD LIARS worse.


Alittlesprite said...

Liers. One of my pet hates. And line jumpers.
I was waiting in line at the toilets of a holiday park and was next to go in, when this Indian lady swans in and just goes to the stall that was supposed to be mine. I looked at the lady next to me and she said "How rude". I was pissed but then the next toilet became available. While I was in there the Indian lady obviously came out and the lady in line next to me ripped into her. Told her off for being so rude.. lol. I would never have said anything, I'm so non-confrontational.
Good on you for yelling at that old lady. Ignorant people make me so angry.

Rachel Mae said...

There are few times I choose to say something. I'm like you, I don't like confrontation; and as I get older I realize that if I don't say something, people will walk all over me for the rest of my life. I am starting to speak up and out more now. I'm a little angry and it really takes a LOT to get me fumming but liars are my Number One PEEVE ever.