Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Moving is no fun

So I'm moving right. Ok, no big deal, no? HELL YEAH IT IS! I fucking HATE packing! URGH it is the most mindless task in the world aside from watching that little ball on your desk go back and fourth, waiting for it to stop. I love to unpack, redecorate and make my own little spaces mine, but the packing up and getting it done... I have no choice but to procrastinate until I am under the gun. I find I get more done that way then doing it over a period of time. In one fell swoop, my mind is focused and running a mile a minuet because I now have time against me and this makes me fly faster through the obviously loathed job of packing. Packing everything from stupid little things I've accumulated over the years to the very things that make me, ME... I just HATE it. Lets get this over with, shall we?!

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