Friday, October 15, 2010

Daytime TV

I love me some trash TV! And working on my laptop during the day, Trash TV makes for some great background music. But you already should know that. I have shared with you my delights of watching baby mama drama on Maury, Steve Wilkos throw people off his stage and the continuously irresistable wig throwing action on Jerry Springer. Here, I want to laugh at the commercials on TV during these fantasticly trashy shows. The ones where the lawyers get on their knees and beg for you to call them if you've been injured in an accident, have had a run in with workman's comp and need to sue the crap out of somebody for not paying attention to what you were doing. Or how about the Tech commercials that tell you to pretty much get off your lazy asses, stop collecting government checks and get an education and, thus a job? And then there is the ever famous annuity scams that tell you to call them so they can get you your money but fail to tell you that you will be paying them about 80% of what is yours if you get them to get your money for you.

These commercials are so fucking irritating and exhausting to watch that I want to throw my shoe at the TV. I love how the TV producers and TV commercial adds that place their commercials at these times assume that most of the people watching these programs are deadbeats, uneducated and welfare happy assholes. I'd have to disagree and I want to start a National Campaign to STOP these irritating commercials at all costs! No, not really. That would take all the fun out of the day watching these ugly people pretend to be happy that they're going to a Tech school that teaches only one skill because that's all you can do. I happen to know someone who would benefit from this type of school actually and I am sure that those who do end up graduating from these schools go on to live wonderfully, productive lives. It's just frustraiting to watch fake people smile at you about a school they never attended. "I love this school because.... well, I like everything about it!" Oh com'on! Give me a fuckin' break! Are you serious? You writers can't come up with anything else other than THAT? More creative writing is needed please!

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