Monday, October 11, 2010

The Most Popular One

Popular crowds, otherwise known as "cliques", do not just exist in schools. They're in the workplace, among managers and CEO's and in your very own family. Each person in each group has their place. There is the meek one at the bottom who is just there because they want to be part of something, the middle group members who are in silent competition for first place and you have the LEADER. The leader of the group who has manipulated and crafted their way to the top. There is a general psychiatric research experiment about popularity that proves the more popular the person, the better the liar. It was a few post back where I wrote that the average person tells 3 lies per 10 minuets of conversation. Now, times that by a million and you have a highly skilled, manipulative (and in most cases) bitch that can ruin a person's reputation and self respect with one word. Or in most cases; one lie. One lie rolls through the mouths of the group like a snowball down large hill. It then extends outwardly to other groups and thus, a reputation and person can be ruined by one hellova popular bitch. You can take the High School diploma, hand it to the young girl and bid her farewell to a life full of wonderful opportunities. But you can't teach her (and in rare cases, him) how NOT to manipulate and lie. Chances are, by the time one reaches the age of 17/18 for graduation, the talent of lying had manipulating a group has already become second nature. You're either the lead liar, the middle of the group or the one at the end who didn't fall into the trap.

And I'd be willing to be that the young "lady" has been taught by the best of the best; her mother.

The lead liar (in training) will go off to collage, join a sorority and lie her way to the top of that group. This is sort of like a test for her. Can she manipulate outside her already formed group of trusted sheeple? One thing about sororities is that, while great friendships can be formed, they are moatly formed by insecure girls who are looking for substitutes to relationships left behind at home while they're at college. They need to quickly find their place. To those who have actually formed life-long relationships with their sisters, GOOD FOR YOU!!

Think of it this way. When a person goes to jail, for instance a male (sorry guys), the new arrival does whatever he can to show toughness, anger, vulgarity and the ability to survive in such a harsh environment so he's not picked off right away by the leaders who really are in charge. I can't say for sure this is what really happens, but I have done research that supports this theory. It is a harder atmosphere but the same concept as the Sorority.

The importance of reaching the top of the clique trumps another person’s reputation, feelings, truth or life. The better the liar, the higher you climb the ladder.
Once you reach the top, caring about those in your pack of rabid animalistic friends doesn't exist. You lie to them more, pretending to care about them, keeping them happy while maintaining a lie. Telling each one different thing. Whatever it is they want to hear that will make them like you and keep your spot solid at number one.

Problem is that you will eventually be exposed for who you are and the manipulative bitch that you are. You're not this great, fun-loving, caring person that everyone would like to believe they're associated with. You are actually a calculated criminal mind that should be subjected to face your own truth about who you are, your imperfections and why you lose friends and family more than you can keep them. There are the weak people who will cling to this type of leader only because they cannot think for themselves and need a group to rely on for a sense of "self" and personality, but what they fail to realize is that they have already lost themselves while trying to be part of the group. So the few that remain will remain until they're scapegoated when the leader has had enough of you. You will know it when it happens. They will do whatever it takes to take you out. Hurt your reputation, attack your work and education, and drop below the unbelievable line of maybe even involving your child(ren) and use them as weapons to hurt you and any other person it might effect.

So you take a good, long, hard look at who you surround yourself with. Consider this my warning to you. I have already begun my research into micro expressions and have learned much about the people in my life. I can tell you that you are already being lied to and manipulated by someone in your life. You boss, your wife, your husband, your brother, your sister, your aunt, your cousin, your friend. And where do you fit into this? Or do you not?

I was the "looser" of the group, the one at the bottom of the totem pole that was never following or leading. I just did my own thing. I was alright with being me, I just didn't know there was so much hate and lies surrounding me by those I thought were closest to me. Thank goodness I wasn't involved in the pettiness that was their circle of lies, but it still is a wake-up call for anyone who lives in a certain amount of a bubble; believing that blood is thicker than water. It's not. It's just a compound that keeps you related biologically but nothing else. You can make up your family by choosing your friends and true family members that bring you joy, pleasure and happiness without second motives following behind them. Good luck, it is a lifetime of work and the achievement award isn't handed to you until the day of your funeral.

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