Thursday, October 7, 2010

The truth is written on all our faces

I don't have much faith in words. Average people tell three lies per ten minuets of conversation. Emotion looks the same no matter if you are a housewife or the President of the United States. The Truth is written on all our faces. When talking with someone you feel suspect of, pay no attention to what they're saying but watch their faces. Look at their body language. Listen to voice inflections. What are they really telling you? Ask yourself what motives the person might have for telling such outrageous things. Most people avoid eye contact when telling a lie... actually, that is arguable. Most people, when telling a lie, look directly at you to put you under the spell that they are telling the truth. If the time now is noon and you've been at work since 9am, how many people have you spoken to and how many lies have you been told? Body language tells the truth so watch who you talk with and what they're telling you silently.

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