Friday, October 8, 2010

Driving is risky business

Driving on Sunday's is really a risky deal these days. They don't call them "Sunday drivers" for nuttin! Shit, don't these people realize that there are others out there with kids in the fucking car? I mean, come the fuck on. Just because you've been driving since the 18th century doesn't mean you should continue! I think you know where I am going with this.

Please do not mistake me; my parents are climbing the age chart. But if my father ever got to the point where he went 25 in a 55 zone, I would tell him it would be time to turn in the keys.

So I'm at a light with two lanes. I'm in the right lane. I've got a driver on my left. By law, you stay in your lane when you move across the intersection and to keep traffic from smashing into each other. This particular intersection has a gas station adjacent to it. My wonderful partner to my left must have needed gas. In a perfect situation, my lane would have been where the driver to my left should have been. It would make the transition to the gas station much easier, not to mention less dangerous. But, we don't live in a perfect world. We live in a world where common sense is not the typical normal response. Why think a few steps ahead to make life a bit easier for you and those around you? That would take too much work. And I am sure with age, you feel the world owes you the road so you can take out, cut off and blow your horn at anybody.

In my case, the light turned green and away we went over the intersection. I had my young son in the backseat. As I was almost across the intersection, I noticed that the driver to my left slowly but steadily moving into my lane. No mirror check, no turn signal, not a fucking warning. I laid on my horn. Please don't fucking hit my car! It drove me up and into the gas station, forced through the driveway as the driver was not aware of my existence in ratio to where exactly his fucking car was. He had not a clue he had just run a young mother and her child off the road because he was so focused on getting to that gas station that his surroundings didn't matter. Only he did. I was a bit shocked and stopped my car to take a deep breath. A gentlemen who was pumping gas came over to me to see if I was ok. He had seen the whole thing. Meanwhile, this old fart who had almost ran me into a pole had it not been for my awareness of my surroundings, goes on his merry fucking way to pump his gas. I was a bit taken aback by what happened next.

Normally, in my situations, I am the one speaking up and speaking out for those who have been wronged. But in this case, I had been the one who was wronged and I needed a moment to regroup. The gentlemen who came to check on me, however, had a few choice words and a phone call to make.

It's not that he began to yell at the older man, but the arrogant attitude that "she should have moved out of my way if I was going to the gas station" he sported was just enough to raise anybody's blood pressure. There really was no convincing this man that his lack of attention on the road was dangerous to other drivers. But a phone call from my gentlemen to the police warranted an officer to show up, take a few notes and ordered the man in for a driving test in the following weeks. Before leaving, he scowled at me, as if I was the one who had caused his misjudgement.

I just looked at him, pointed to my son and said "I have someone I need to protect. I'm sure your kids are all grown. I'd like to see my son grow up too. Go take your test... I hope the right thing is done."

What bothers me the most about things like this is that is happends too frequently. ESPECIALLY in my town. Florida is where EVERYBODY wants to go during their golden years. And I don't blame them for wanting to be here. No snow shoveling, hundreds of 55+ communities, fantastic weather and community events to make up the rest of your days. So just swallow a little bit of your pride, PLEASE, when the lights start going dim on your driving abilities. You don't want to be responsible for taking someone out when you've lived your life this far with dignity.

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